Prasanta Mukherjee – Story of a renowned national and International multi-record holder.

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Prasanta Mukherjee is an Indian-born Tinsukia, Assam who has already Achieved more than 7 world recordsin various fields.

Prasanta is currently working at PvtGeneral Insurance Company. He has also been Civil Defence Volunteer Since 2002.

He also speaks at blogging conferences to help others with their projects.

In this section about Prasanta Mukherjee, we want to introduce a record holder who is a freelance socialactivist. His biography could be useful to readers interested in following Prasanta’s career path or just learning more about him!

Prasanta Mukherjee is an Indian who has two times won the Guinness World Record participation certificate for “Most users to take an online computer programming lesson in 24 hours”. His Second times Guinness world record Participation for Most users to complete a remote 10 km in 24 hours.

Prasanta Mukherjee achieved India book of records for INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG CARVED ON 8 mm BINDI.

He holds Arabian World Records for the “Maximum number of certificates achieved by an Individual”

Currently, Prasanta owns 720 certificates for his glorious achievements in distinct fields. He has also been awarded by the World Book of Records United Kingdom for participating in India’s largest Career guidance Digital conference and Mr. Mukherjee has also been felicitated as 2nd best online education Achiever in the year 2021. Prasanta Mukherjee was born in Tinsukia, Assam in India on April 24, 1984. He is a Multiple Record Holder.


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