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Popular Personality Development and English Speaking Trainer Nita Nigam conducts an interactive workshop on women empowerment at ESDS Software Solutions, Nasik

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Nasik: Prominent English Speaking, Personality Development, Confidence Coach, and Celebrity Trainer Nita Nigam on Thursday delivered an encouraging talk and conducted a workshop on women empowerment at Nasik headquarters of ESDS Software Solution Limited. 

In a highly interactive session, Mrs. Nita Nigam urged the ESDS girls to improve their time management skills. These days people of all age groups are either too busy in studies, or work, but what remains essential is that they need to spend quality time with the family for proper mental peace. Everyone needs to budget their time.

Nita Nigam delievers a pep talk on women empowerment

Nita Nigam, who has been seen in popular telecoms like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, and Santoshi Mata, urged on the importance of being financially independent. Women are capable of making their own decisions and don’t have to depend on anybody. 

The young ESDS girls seemed inspired by the effective communication and confidence imparted by Nita Nigam. The reception was huge when Nita stressed on the importance of involving family members in the daily household activities.

Nita Nigam’s workshop on women empowerment at ESDS was highly interactive

During the workshop, Nita Nigam shared practical points that everyone should inculcate to manage their time effectively. Nita, who also helps celebrities and freelance actors in personality development and English Speaking, stressed upon the fact that balance of work time, enjoyment time, personal and family time is a must for everyone.

Nita Nigam is a prominent corporate trainer and visiting faculty for MBA students in various institutions including Symbiosis, JDC Bytco. She is the one who grooms the aspirants with her pep talks about communication skills.

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