PLANET TO PLANET – Praveen Jane Louis

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The songsters sound song of a sorrowful Journey, with lyrics and no melody. I started this Journey
without vehicles and it is time for the readers to put on the spectacles. A trip without the transportation
will take us to the other planet and here is the reason. Time is our fuel and when it trims down the issues
swells. The mud is moulded and made as man and later the woman. At this juncture Sand is the origin
and land are the original; Earth is our Region and death is our real. This hard-hitting journey from our
hand is going to seize us from our land. Oh! Oceans where are the waters and treasure, now, you are
not even Ocean with wates but, Oh! Sand “Tell me who cursed you with permission to die out of
dehydration?”. No rain tapped our land and now in our hand it remained sand. The time to cry set off
to sound so high in the place that cannot be mentioned for a reason yet came out of it as I am a useless
citizen! To say our place name, we sense as shame since that we are fame for famine. The universe
knows our daily death rate and speaks our end date but never wanted us to enter their gates because we
are in an underprivileged state. Our life is an incident, death is an accident and here are some malevolent
dependants who framed our famine as an entertainment. Sand in our mouth is now North East West
South (NEWS) everywhere. Water is nowhere except that whatever we cry sounds everywhere. The
worth of water is crucial but not considered and here the sorrow of our cry is a shy that is still under
cover. To become a popular nation, we made records with dying population. Surprising standing
aviation from many creations on one side and oodles of alarming sound for our endless vacation is on
the other side; here no one is in point of fact by our side. The hymn after our death is played in advance
progress with the words “Rest in Peace” but still never thinks to save the rest of our soul’s peace. The
scarcity of tears will never let us even to cry. Listen, if any of you have ears do let us to be evidence for
the next year. Expecting another day termed tomorrow besides this turns out to be our prayer for every
today. Never expected a good day but will not delay to cry for all our today. I am a tourist here in Mars
and my people are in my native place earth prevalently called as the place of death. If my weep has its
worth, please make sure my folks breathe. The journey from planet to planet might be false in 2022 but
for your kind notice I would like to let you know that I am from 2202. Careless dears, you are still deaf
with ears please do hear our tears or tear your ears…
Hoping this to be false in the future, with heaps of love for our Mother Earth!

Praveen Jane Louis


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