PeaceDAO: A Proposal for a Peaceful World

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“Cryptography’s core principle has always been independence. The world needs to see the true power of communities that dream of a better future for everyone,” the founder of PeaceDAO noted while pointing to the television broadcast of the recent news about the war in Ukraine. “We, therefore, propose the creation of a new country, divesting from traditional geoeconomics and geopolitics.” He notes that we are fortunate to have been able to develop blockchain technology in our time. “We can create opportunities with this unprecedented initiative in human history, and we can’t contain our excitement.” His point is that their ideals can no longer be dismissed as impossible. “Truth and love can only be found in a peaceful environment. Join us in witnessing this momentous occasion!”

“The Governance Trends are part of the DAO,” PeaceDAO emphasizes. “We are developing an initiative to assist people who have been victimized by Russian autocracy in Ukraine.” While misunderstandings and geopolitical tensions have caused wars in our time, the war between Russia and Ukraine may set off a third world war that could kill many innocent civilians. China and the U.S. have also entered into an economic battle that isn’t making things easier for them in their quest for global stability. As we all now know, these huge conflicts tend to leave behind death, destruction, famine, and other miseries that not only get carried over into subsequent generations but also cause people to suffer immeasurably across borders. “It’s this suffering that drives us hard towards our ultimate goal: achieving global peace through a new economic system based on decentralized governance.”

Why does the DAO matter and what exactly is it?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an autonomous corporation, which is additionally reinforced by cryptology. DAOs are organizations that are not governed by a single administrative unit but may contain various businesses and organizations spread around the world. The DAO is programmed so that it is constantly optimized, either by improving its own source code or making changes in its business model. A DAO is an organization that may issue its own cryptocurrency, which is based on the principle of collaboration rather than the management of a single person. Those responsible for the operation of DAO will be both people and computer programs. The difference with a company is that there is no person with control over the DAO (centralized company) or distributed to a number of computers.

Security is enhanced by Peacedao’s implementation of the Blockchain.

The blockchain is one of the newest technologies. There are few people in this industry, but they create massive wealth. “Our project extends the boundaries of the blockchain industry; it’s not only a wealth creator but also an advanced governance system,” PeaceDAO says. PeaceDao aims to create a country that belongs to the cryptocurrency world and exists within a real-world map. “There are no borders, no class contradictions, only fair nodes in a blockchain-based world!” To govern this country, they want to use DAO. “By enlisting the help of our cypherpunk community, we can now accomplish the seemingly impossible dreams of the past,” the founder adds. 


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