Naresh Kumar Saroay is a new and emerging Indian Author known for his book Reborn

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Naresh Kumar Saroay is a new and an emerging Indian author who entered in the arena of English literature with his debut poetic composition, a wonderful book Reborn. He has a successful career as a faculty of English for more than 15 years. Now a days he is serving in Government Senior Sec. School Garha.He was born in farmer’s family in village Dhaliwal Kadian, Jalandhar, India. His father Mr. Joginder Paul was an Assistant Sub Inspector in agriculture department and a farmer too.

Naturally Naresh is a nature lover and down to earth. As a teacher, humanity, love for nature, reflection on life and guidance reflect in his writings through poems like ”A Mistake”, ”Focus”, ”True Beauty”, ”I’m A Child”, ”Tears”. As a thinker he gives the pertinent messages for world peace through the poem ”O Leave It Man, Why Are You Fighting” and he has dedicated this poem to the United Nations Organization, to prevent suicide he informs about the consequences and asks some questions from a suicider who is about to commit suicide through the poem ”The suicider” and he gives a chance to his readers to reflect on all phases of life through the poem ”Treasure” and ”Desires”, he contemplates on the meaning of ”Beauty” and ”True Beauty”, he raises a very important question on obsessive use of gadgets and IT devices through the poem ”Is It Life”, he raises the voice of a deserted girl child through the poem ”A New Born Deserted Girl” and it is his great message to prevent female infanticide. As a motivator he sensitizes the readers not to distract and never be lazy but to focus on their aim through the poem ”Focus”. He motivates them to move ahead through the poem ”When You Move One Step”. He relates those tough times moments during which almost everyone feels down and alone through the poem ”This World Seems So Deceitful” and ”Whenever I’m Sad”. He, as a friend and a motivator, doesn’t leave but is there through the poems like ”Oh God! Bless Me To Rise”, ”The Power Of Choice”, ”Learning Must Be A Habit”, ”Spare A Day” , ”Salvation” , ”That’s Me” and ”Reborn”. Some lines, which I can’t help to quote, from the above mentioned poems:

”Your soul dies the day

When you forget your goal”

”Witness man become the most sinful creature,

Destroys Mother Nature and acts like a preacher.”

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