Multi-talented Personality Sujish Kandampullyy is an Electrical Engineer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Blogger, Author, Photographer and Philanthropist

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Sujish Kandampullyy is a multi-talented personality who is a graduate in Electrical Engineering and a passionate Writer. Sujish is also an Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Blogger, Author, Photographer & a Philanthropist.

He is recognized as an International Poet on Poetry Soup which is world’s largest community of international poets.
He is also the author of the book “Soul Strings” published by YourQuote.

Most of his works are based on his personal life experiences. Sujish has taken a deep dive into the ocean of life where he goes in search of understanding the core importance of a human’s life and their journey based on which he has come up with some really wonderful & touching masterpieces. His motive is to help make people’s life better by spreading positivity through his writings.

As an avid reader, Sujish Kandampullyy believes that reading books can really change your perspective in life i.e. the way you look at it. It makes you mentally strong and helps to live your life always with a positive mindset. He says,”Books are powerful, make them your best friend.”

You can find his work on platforms like YourQuote and Writco. He’s been awarded the title for Writer & Startup of the Year 2021 and Star Icon for the Year 2021 by Rising Star India team.

Active as a social worker he is a permanent member of CSIC (Crime Surveillance & Intelligence Council). CSIC is a government registered firm located in Delhi.

To receive a constant stream of motivation & inspiration from his work, you can follow him on his instagram page @suujish_kandampullyy_official. You can also connect with him at

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