Mili Kumari has emerged as the one of the most talented girl in Patna

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Mili Kumari is one of the most talented girls in Patna. She is an ethusiastic girl with multiple talents. From make-up and writing, to judging beauty pageants, Mili Kumari is certainly the rising star of the Chath Bhumi, Patna.

Mili is a girl with a book having two faces..If you really want to know read her cover patiently. A girl with same cover two meanings.

After completing her Graduation from English , she started pursuing Diploma in Pharmacy from Lloyd school of pharmacy, Greater Noida, Delhi.

But still her heart went to her soul and asked to do something different like colouring faces and in short took her self for the course of Professional make up artist course from Vah Vah institute.

Now lets check the other side of cover. She is co author of anthologies like Siyahi, Hostlers , Partner’s of crime and much more.
With two podcast and two interviews on Spotify, ganna , Jio Sawan she is awardee of following awards :
Literary choice award 2021
Inspiro award 2021
Achievement award 2021
Indipride award 2021

Mili Kumari was the judge of the beauty pageant Mr. and Mrs . Stars Patna audition round. She is having collaborations for all her not so perfect but still close to perfect yes her acting skills.

Mili is deep believer of Self love. She says one should love herself or himself. It is the biggest amount to earn.It might help in mental health. Even she says women should be financially stable. Nor her father , brother or husband have taken any degree to feed her.

Mili is a family person. She is very close to her father and very much inspired from him. And her sister and her son or you can call her pet Guttu are her crime partners. Her mom is the one like whom she want to be. She has two best friends and there name are Prakansha and saurabh. Ravi is a person close to her and she is very much inspired from him as well. She believes in karma and very much mythological girl.

Her favourite colour is blue and pink. She is a shutterbug and love making reels of instagram. You can follow her at @biharibabuni_

At the last but not the least she is a mystery still to reveal.

A Splendid Micro-tale by Mili Kumari

And she was holding his hand,
A hand who held to promise will never go.
Her devil princess.
Yeah partner of all her choices
From making reels to handling all her tantrums.

Her Papa.
Her world.


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