Meet Dr. Ajay Kar, a leading Opthalmologist who is chasing his passion for writing

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If you happen to know Dr. Ajay Kar, you would readily agree that he is the epitome of thriving in one’s career while also pursuing their passion. Dr. Kar is one of the most excellent Ophthalmologists in Vishakhapatnam, India. While his native roots trace back to Sambalpur in Odisha, his professional life has led him to establish himself in the southern part of India. 

Dr. Ajay Kar is an alumnus of the esteemed Christian Medical College, Vellore, and has completed his post-graduation in Ophthalmology from the institution. Having established a successful career in medicine has not stopped him from chasing after what he has always been passionate about- writing. “Bones In The Blue Barrel” is his fourth fiction novel, after having published three amazing books and garnering praises galore for them.
Managing professional commitments while also not giving up on one’s passions could be quite taxing. However, Dr. Ajay efficiently handles both the aspects, a skill which is truly commendable. His passion for writing stems from his love for reading and he makes time out of his busy schedule for indulging in both of them. Dr. Kar also holds the position of “Charter Chairman” of the Vizag Alpha Round Table 305 and has been associated with an organization that helps in the education of underprivileged children under the canopy of their project called “Freedom through Education.” His philanthropic contributions do not stop just here since he also puts in time and effort as a way of supporting blind children from the Vishakha Model School for Blind at Vishakhapatnam. 

An individual whose professional as well as social achievements speak volumes is truly an inspiration. Although Dr. Kar has already been successful in reaching great heights, he continues to make a difference through his writings and social contributions. The three novels he has previously authored as well as his most recent one are exemplary and ought to be read and shared even more widely. Despite the intimidatingly excellent positions he holds, he evidently remains one of the most humble and hard-working individuals. We are sure to witness “Bones In The Blue Barrel” continue to climb the ladder of success and become a best-selling thriller. 


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