Majestic Power, Eye of Mind and Dark Holds The World Author Pradnya Kulkarni takes the literary world by storm

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Pradnya Kulkarni

Pradnya Kulkarni is a passionate writer and award winning author. She is author of 4 books ‘Majestic Power’ (edition 1&2), ‘Eye Of Mind’ and ‘Dark Holds The World’. She is co-author of 11+anthologies. Also she has contributed to 2 audiobooks. Her creative work is also published in national magazine ‘Taare Zameen Par’ & international magazine ‘Culture Flash’.

Her debut book ‘Majestic Power’ edition 1 contains 100 inspirational quotes and was selected as one of the Literoma’s Top 10 Featured Books Of The Year 2019. Her book ‘Majestic Power’ edition 2 contains 200 inspirational quotes which are definitely helpful to inspire everyone and to create new hopes in their mind. The book is full of motivational quotes which will spread positivity. Name of the book itself indicates that this book has a power which will change your life. It was selected as one of the Literoma’s Top 10 Featured Books Of The Year 2020.

‘Dark Holds The World’ by Pradnya Kulkarni

Her book ‘Eye Of Mind’ contains poems which are very inspirational, energetic and full of positivity. Also some poems are about beauty of nature and relations. Name of the book itself indicates that you can visualize the words with the eye of your mind. It was also selected as one of the Literoma’s Top 10 Featured Books Of The Year 2020. ‘Dark Holds The World’ is her recently published book. The book contains 20 horror poems. Title ‘Dark Holds The World’ itself indicates that there exists a life in the dark which is unearthly. The book will make you visualize this world. Also it will make the noisiness of the dark nights audible. Scary nights, creepy places, spooky things!

Experience the horripilation through words. Pradnya holds ‘Vajra World Record’ for being co-author of ‘Vajra World Records’ winner book ‘Maples’. Her recent achievement is she won the title #100inspiringauthorsofindia 2021 by The Indian Awaz (achieved Author Award 2021). She achieved Best Aspiring Author Award 2021 by Cherry book awards Season 3, Best Aspiring Writer Award 2021 by Elite book awards Season 1. Pride & Honour Award by Priyaswisdompublication among many others. Also she is nominated for NE8X Litfest 2021 & Author Of The Year 2021 by Storymirror.

Her hobbies are reading, writing, travelling and listening to music. She is an M Sc. in Chemistry , now staying in Akola, Maharashtra.
Insta ID- @thinktowrite

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