Jyotika Ritu – Journey from being a Scribbler to a Professional Writer

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Born and brought up in Ambala Cantt, Haryana. Jyotika Ritu “प्रकाश ” is an individual who has established herself as a Professional writer.

However, How did she begin her journey and what actually motivated her to contribute her life into the writing industry.

In this Article, We must discuss about how Jyotika Ritu “प्रकाश ” worked hard with at most determination to reach her predifined goals, without her efforts it would not have been possible for her to reach such heights.

Being a multitalented individual, Jyotika Ritu “प्रकाश”, Jyotika Ritu has always focused on becoming a fashion business women as she did Fashion Designing Course from NIFD.

Obviously, It is impossible for people to become true business women unless and untill they are thinking smartly, working hard is no one side and formulating logistics to accomplish certain positions in life are two different things that must be combined in perfect percentages for success.

Till date, Jyotika Ritu “प्रकाश” has compiled at least two anthologies like “Humrooh Publications ” and “Unfulfilled dreams “. Mention must be made of having more than 150 stories and poems on Pratilipi.

To be exact, Jyotika Ritu “प्रकाश ” is not just a simple writer, She writes a lot of Shayaries on “Your Quote “.

It all began at the time of lockdown. When She wrote a Story “Tum Bahut Khubsurat Ho” and this story became very populor and appreciated by almost Five Lakh Readers. It was a huge success on Pratilipi. Pratilipi selected this story to be a part of Blockbuster Audio show on Pratilipi fm on the huge demand of her Readers that they want to listen this story.

The realisation to do something unique allowed her to pour all her thoughts on paper. She has also done a LIVE kavya Path show on Rashmirathi, taking initiative in Writing Competitions too, and not just participating, but also winning.

Besides being an author, Let us not forget that Jyotika Ritu “प्रकाश ” is an eminent Personality who is also multitalented. She was always good in school, back in the days she loved to study and also loved to do painting in her free time.

With such flawless skills, She went forward to pursue her M. A. (Hindi), B. ED degree. Most importantly she always participated in Annual College Magazine’s author column.

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