Hena Shafi is the latest literary sensation from Kashmir

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Hena Shafi who’s an award winner is a passionate and enthusiastic writer. She is the latest literary sensation from Kashmir and a rising star of the literary world. She’s hailing from a beautiful valley ” Kashmir “. She is currently studying in class 11th. She did her schooling at a renowned school ” R.P School”.

Hena is of the thought that being a Kashmiri is not easy because one never knows what’s going to happen the next moment. No doubt people call it heaven on earth but heavens don’t bleed like Kashmir. Nevertheless, for life to keep going one has to stay strong and motivated, and in Hena’s life that strength and motivation come from her writing skills.

          Ask the mothers who
             Lost their sons,
             Ask the kids who
             Lost their father.
             You’ll come to know,
             What real pain looks like.

The journey of Hena’s writing career has been full of highs and lows but both factors motivated her equally. This journey could begin only because of her teacher ” Nazia Noor Ma’am”. Had she not been there, this would not have been possible. From family, her father, her khalu, and her sister have been her support. Although they are not much fascinated by this.

The way her journey began was quite unique and unexpected. But eventually, this new beginning became the most beautiful part of her life and writing became an integral part of her life. She never expected life to turn out so beautifully for her.

It started unexpectedly but unexpected things are mostly beautiful

Initially, she wrote poems as she was more inclined toward poems. Gradually she started writing articles and stories. Usually, she pens down her real experiences on paper so that she lessens the burden of her heart without letting anyone know about it.

She has been a co-author of approximately 30 anthologies and compiler of 1 anthology published under the ” Spectrum of thoughts” publication. Soon she’s going to launch her solo book. Moreover, she has talked about her journey in a few words in the magazine ” The Optimistic Mirror” published under “Dream Publishers”.

Her 1st anthology was published under ” Spectrum of thoughts” publication namely ” Affirm: Let the universe confirm “. This anthology is available on Amazon as well as on Flipkart

Here’s the link,

As a girl, she is totally in support of all the females who want to chase their dreams in spite of the strong opposition from society. She totally discards the negativity that today’s society is spreading. If the world deceives you, condemns you because of your thinking, you still find your strength within your own thoughts.

Chase your passion with enthusiasm, people will start chasing you soon.

Society has set the rules according to itself. You, as a ruler of your life, set your own rules. Don’t be the puppet of society.

Here’s one anthology where Hena talks about females in a few words.

There are many things she wants to highlight with the help of her words. There are many issues that are left untouched but she wants to bring them to the notice.

My words are the weapons with which I will conquer the world

Reach to the unopened pages of your book, you’ll find one more mystery.

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