From being a Nobody to Amazon Bestselling Author! – The story of Sneha Narayanan

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Sneha Narayanan’s poetry book, Bloom, has debuted at Number 2 on the Amazon Bestseller list and is standing strong in the top 5 spots since its release.

Born in Delhi and raised all over the country, Sneha quit her job at IBM three years ago to chase her passion for writing. Bravely giving to her inner urges, she published an e-book of 15 pages last year on Amazon, which to her surprise did well, as people resonated with her writing. This, in turn, gave her the impetus to continue on this journey as a writer.

Given the initial response to the Kindle version, she edited those poems and added new ones and that’s how her poetry book, Bloom came into the picture – this time around, both in paperback and Kindle versions. Bloom is a multifaceted book exploring the themes of body positivity, self-acceptance, positive thoughts, and healing.

When we asked her how she ventured into writing and what is it that helps people relate to her, she says, “I had low self-esteem and severe body image issues since childhood. Through my poems, I am trying to help others like me. Maybe that’s what people relate to. I was very shy, and it’s only through writing, that I could voice my thoughts,”. She adds, “I am an introvert with social anxiety and have felt overwhelmed by human interaction ever since I was a child. Writing helped me express my pain, my dilemmas. I recall escaping to the world of books and stories to self-soothe and paint the harsh realities of the real world around me with strokes of word imagery.”
The MBA graduate from Osmania University is thrilled with her book topping the charts and says, 

“Having completed my MBA in HR ten years ago, I could never have imagined then, that I would become an author someday. I am lucky to be blessed with supportive parents who have always stood by me. I am thrilled with the response my book has received and am currently working on my next poetry book, Self-Love Fairytales, which I am co-authoring with my brother, Kartik”, she concludes.

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