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Since she was a child, She always craved the meaning of her name “Narita”(given by her grandfather, for which she loved him), just like others craved for Mango Duet ice cream by Kwality Walls in the 90’s. As people all around her or even strangers used to say this: “What a unique name, but what does it mean?,” Even she got curious too, but it was all in vain till the internet arrived on this earth as a saviour. And when Google revealed the meaning of Narita as “to be inventive” and that was the proud moment when she realised that there is an airport in her name too.

Adding many avocations since childhood attaining academic excellence in school and all rounders awards in college, the list of certificates for being a meritorious student plus creatively diverse in the  field of dance and drama never ends. She pursued her higher studies from Delhi University and was a college topper at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. She had an ambition to be a professor in college which came true post clearing NET Examination(after 4 attempts) and now she’s professionally an Assistant Professor in Commerce for 4 years and counting. Gaining experience with fulfilling her passion and living her dream on an everyday basis. She’s teaching in a rural area where students are deprived of basic amenities. Providing them higher education and a support system to have a better life ahead makes her content and fulfils her life goals. 

But her quest went on. Is this her name which defines her truely or is there something beyond all this to quench her soul. She found her answer during the first lockdown due to covid-19 in April 2020, which was Writing. Writing is her tranquilliser, her breath, her confidant, in short her entirety. She used to write her diary since she was a kid but never thought to convert it into a passion for writing to be read widely. Starting with her blog on WordPress in May 2020, she entered the world of readers and connected with fellow young urban working women. She entered the world of creativity writing with her first anthology “flock of feelings” which embarked her journey as a co-author. Now she’s a part of almost 11 books and 2 more in publishing as a co-author. She’s a published International co-author too,  with her book “Impromptu” by Ukiyoto publications. She always feels an urge to do better than before so she has completed multiple courses in creative writing in 2021 and has also attended a course by Ruskin Bond in October 2021. Her Instagram handle @naritart is growing everyday as she has participated and won many prose and poetry competitions on social media. Her upcoming project is an Ebook, which is a collection of all her poetries till 2021. 

Now, Narita is inventing a way to spread happiness through her skills and becoming a healer through her warm and amiable expressive writing.


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