Exclusive Stream: Artist Ds Abhishek Gets Optimistic on dropping‘Get – Away’ EP

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The Indian-based musician talks about how lockdown opportunities and working with pop, rock artists in Music Industry. The ‘Get-Away‘ EP by Ds Abhishek is out with a massive rave in collaboration with tohma .

Ahead of releasing his new song “Get Away,” the indian-based artist Ds Abhishek is a musician/ music producer talks about how he’s is learning to make music, diving into the world of digital marketing along with his marketing agency. Everything started in the lockdown period adding new skills in his life. “Whether you work as a musician, or in any other field, the better you research and understand the processes in your sector, the better you can navigate your career,” he says.

My music can be defined as “personal music” because each person can experience different sensations listening to it. There are those who remember love stories, or sad and difficult moments or there are those who use it to just chill. Working in music is a lot fun and with focus and dedication you can reach out to many people by your music.

The 5th EP of Ds Abhishek in collab with tohma – Enjoyable song created by both artist Ds Abhishek and tohma. His first dip into the music industry was discovered in 2021 with a single of “Astro Boy“.  Released his songs on apple music, deezer, jio saavn and major streaming platforms.

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Instagram: @dsabhishek_

Twitter: @dsabhishek_

Spotify: Ds Abhishek

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