Dr. Gangadevi Sennimalai Marimuthu – A Journey from being a Halcyon to Phoenix

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A Journey from being a Halcyon to Phoenix

Good day all!

Myself Dr.Gangadevi Sennimalai Marimuthu – University Professor, Writer, Loving Wife, Mother Daughter-In-Law and moreover a Warrior.

Those who do harm to us – we need never fear my child!

           Trash them strong my child – simply spit at their faces my child!

                                                                       – Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi, Tamil Poet.

Do you believe in Justice and Fighting back the situation? Yes, I do!!!!

First of all, I feel very proud and thankful for being born and brought up in a South Indian traditional orthodox Hindu Tamil family background. Although I was being encouraged and motivated from my childhood earlier by my father and my teachers and then by my family members, particularly my husband, children and in-laws, sometimes I have to put myself rising up to rejuvenate out of the ashes through the flames which burnt me by the sadist (people) surroundings in the form of so-called friends and relatives. But, no wonder, I was taught and trained only for never giving up myself in any situation. As a strong and self-made woman I believe in fighting back the situation to retain justice, and giving back a good lesson to the cowards who push me into the critical and complicated situation so that, they don’t dare to harm or collapse any individual’s peace, come what may. 

Though in this 21st century women are placed in the best position and earn a lot in L’s and C’s, they still witness severe depression and mental trauma that is generated by the people around them since they are frank and bold in their statement which carries only truth and fact.  And it is a bitter truth to share that I am one of the victims who had undergone such things throughout the year 2020 when I had only one percent of survival chance and I can say that I lost all my hope to the worst. Life gave me both positive and negative lessons, especially when I come across to see the true colours of people with least gratitude and traits who plotted a drama to ruin my progression and spoil my reputation.

Giving a helping hand in difficult times and maintaining emotional bondage with people is my weakness for where I never expect things in return. Since, I believe in the path of Dharma and Karma and yes, speaking right things with right words of choice is my way of life. 

My passage of life is fiercely independent where I can obtain the priceless boon of freedom. It was the time when my father got trolled for spending on the education of girl children. But as a strong- natured man, he ignored all the negative comments and he spent all his income for his daughters’ education without any savings left for him. That is, in that crucial time I stabilized my young mind to prove myself to shine in my life in front of prejudiced people. I forced myself to achieve in sports, martial arts, culturals and studies and hopefully I succeeded in the same.

I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s before my marriage, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature and B.ed., after my marriage. Focusing on research after marriage is not an easy thing that too remaining in an orthodox Hindu family background while my priority and preference is always my family.  As a responsible wife, daughter-in-law and mother of two beautiful Angels my focus was only on family. Though it was a hard phase of my life I tried to manage and well-balanced them (family, job, research, surroundings) with the support of my husband and in-laws. 

Though her family supports a woman, it is a curse on our evil-minded society and there are always people behind you to create a mess to bring your Self down. Likewise, adding fuel to the flame, the first death blow came on me on a fine Sunday, when my father met with an accident and left me alone. I couldn’t accept the fact that he was no more and gone unconscious, completely breaking down with giving up all my hope. I couldn’t come out of the loss for the first time in my life. Meanwhile, I applied for a university job abroad to get rid of the preoccupied thoughts and it resulted in getting selected and appointed in the toughest competition that was held among all the states of India. This job gave me a transformation to forget all the sufferings I have gone through. 

Live was moving on with good health and wealth and happiness. Unfortunately, the second death blow came when I lost my identical twins in 2020 which pushed me gradually to death bed. Using this situation some of my close circles took advantage to exploit my hard-earned money by building good will and finally tried their level best to murder me in a foreign land. Again, I lost my hope and interest in life for the second time. But, finally, it is my husband who guided and encouraged me to regain all my lost hope combatting the situation. Praise to the Lord, almost one year (2021) struggling alone, legally I proceeded to retain justice with one person who is a big criminal, listed in Interpol and with another person, who was a born criminal, I showed up my revival and existence as stronger than earlier and left the judgment to time. 

Now, I become a full-time writer in addition to academics and no coward can try to put me down. Still, I feel pity for those who tried to ruin and damage my life in all possible ways. My final word with a smile to them is “Better Luck” next time because I am a woman made up of my own stuff of Never Giving Up and awaiting more challenges ahead. Never lose hope and might is my motto. 

Holding a pen to ink my thoughts and reality is the very positive credibility I give myself to remain stronger ever. I am the co-author of 10 anthologies and 5 compilations of book chapters, reviewer and editor in a few journals, published a book of dramatic poetry genre.

Whenever life and people pour venomous stuff to ruin your peace and damage your identity, never get depressed, just stand up and fight back to show that they cannot succeed in their attempt. Remember one thing it is Just a Fall, not a Slip.

And I whole-heartedly thank the negative people in my life for their priceless contribution in making me Myself today what I am (a successful woman in both personal and academic).

This is the message I would like to share through my story!!!

And now what is yours?……


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