Distinguished Art and Literary Stalwarts honoured at Elite Book Awards Carnival 2021

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Elite Book Awards has been giving a remarkable platform to budding literary enthusiasts and artists to showcase their talents and creativity ever since its inception in the middle of 2021.  After successfully conducting 2 seasons, Elite Book Awards along with its media partner and India’s most trusted digital media agency Digital Golgappa launched Elite’s Annual Carnival of Art and Literature that embarked on from 5th November 2021 and continued till 31st December 2021. The Carnival was a huge affair with numerous intriguing events, intellectual guest speaker sessions, book talks, book giveaways, art and literary competitions, prestigious award events etc. The international carnival saw people participating from various corners of the world-From India to Nepal, Nigeria to USA, Poland to Italy.

EBA shortlisted 57 distinguished personalities from the field of art and literature for the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art and Literature 2021. They are:

Mehrzaad Mogrelia: Best Selling Poet, Author, Financial Crime Investigator

Mahalakshme.M: Writer, Poet, Author, and Co-Author from Pondicherry

Samata Dey Bose: Award winning Compiler, Blogger, Author, Book Reviewer

Kukkala Rohithkumar: Certified motivational speaker, NLP Master trainer, Studentpreneur &Author

Harini A: Tamil quote writer, anthology compiler, Entrepreneur

Yashas Ramesh: Author of 4 books and a Cosmologist from Mysore

Mercy violet. A: Best Artist, Painter, Sketcher, Co-Artist

Dr. B.S Parimal: Writer, Assistant Professor,Member of Editorial Board SquarePetals Global Webzine

Praharsha Reddy: Telegana based creative writer and full stack developer

Niraja Bandi: Bestselling Author, Blogger and Operations Manager

Piyush Babosa Baid: Author & poem writer

Elizabeth Akinniyi: Award winning poet, writer, life-coach and a business woman from Nigeria

Husaina S: National award-winning Author, Compiler, Co-author, Magazine Editor

Reijul Sachdev: Hyderabad born Author, poet, mental health advocate

Ms. Kavita Gupta: Writer, Assistant Professor,Member of Editorial Board SquarePetals Global Webzine

Subhalaxmi Senapati: Best-selling author, compiler and co-author of 50+ books

Stuti Saxena Singh: World record holding author and UNICEF member for poverty-stricken population

Prerna Arora: An Aspiring poet who loves to explore, feel and write.

Tarun Bandarupalle: A content writer, author, freelancer, published writer, poet and co-author from Hyderabad

Sarbajit Chowdhury: Multiple award-winning Author, poet, Guest Lecturer

Jyoti Matania: Indian Books of Record Holder, Author, Debater& Fashionista

Surekha R. Wankhede: Nagpur based Writer, Blogger, Poet, Student

Vykhari S Nair: Student, Poet, Artist and National Karate Champion

R. Kathleen: Amazon best-selling poet and author from Coimbatore

Tumula Mani Kota Rajasekhar: A multi-talented Engineer, Researcher and Writer

Richa Kumari: Best Selling Author, Painter, TEDx Speaker, Mrs Asia Universe, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Robotics Enthusiast and Social Worker

Zainul Arab OH: Author, Aspiring Writer, Poet from Tamil Nadu

Dr. Sansriti Johri: Gujarat based Author, Poet, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur

Pradeep Kumar Yadav: Multi-talented International Award-Winning Author

Carlos Luis: Goa based book reviewer, blogger, and Poet.

Lamiya Siraj: Best Debut Author, Freelance Writer and Blogger based in UAE

Pratik Premraj Bhala: Award Winning Celebrity Author, poet, literary stalwart

Rakesh Kumar Sahu: Poet, athlete, good speaker, versatile stage performer and a flawless artist.

Khadija Morawala: Gujarat based poet, miniature clay artist, cake designer, medical student, writer

Piyali Mitra: Poet, PhD Researcher, Bioethicist, Painter

Ankita Bhatia: Writer, poet, entrepreneur, Front Office Executive

Unicorn Magazine: a quarterly magazine that endeavours to bring endless opportunities to avid artists of all kinds across the globe.

Fatima Amin: Best-selling Author, Urdu poet, Blogger, Freelancer

Col. Ajay Singh: Author, Professor, Retd. Army Officer

Dr. Shashwat Johri: Award Winner Bestseller Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Youth Mentor

Archie Panjwani: A passionate writer & a poet, sociologically aware, and linguistics enthusiast.

Yashi Lath: an award-winning published author of six books & co-author of 22 anthologies. 

Gayathri Mohan: Best Budding Poetess, Bibliophilist, Welfare Worker and Flourishing Tutor

Indira Guha Patra: Award Winning Author and Poet whose fiery language skills have won readers’ hearts.

Samarpita Sen: West Bengal based Artist and Content creator who is passionate about acting, 

Madhurima Guruju: Teacher, Visual Artist, Poet and author from Hyderabad

Virendra Johri: Publisher, Businessman, Chief Operating Office, Concept and Creative Head SquarePetals Global Webzine

Dr. Sunehri Johri: Music Artist, Model, Speaker, reigning Miss Teen India United Nations.

Khushi Panjwani: Entrepreneur,Tedxspeaker, world record holder, best seller author, social-preneur, Nse-certfied investor, Digital creator, Gold medalist.

P.Kavshika (Bargavi): Poet, Co-Author, Compiler , Orator,  Author , Writer, content Contributor.

Sampreet Verma: Bestseller Author, Poet, Lyricist, Composer

Nishant Kumar Mishra: Award winning poet and CSE undergrad from Bihar

Surabhi Naik: Psychologist, Artist and author of 7 books

Krishnaveni Natarajan: Eminent writer, poet, and research scholar

Dr. Satish Verma: Award Winner Author, Poet, Lyricist, Mentor

Rasika Ramesh Sawarkar: Award winning Author, Artist, Social worker, medical student

Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani: Young award-winning author, entrepreneur and techie

In addition, a special award was presented to the 2 awardees with best work. Winners of the Best Overall Work Award were– Dr Romila Chitturi and Reijul Sachdev. 

Dr Romila Chitturi is a Writer-Blogger- Reader -Poetess -Author- Book reviewer, Editor-Columnist- Entrepreneur- Program Head- Teacher- Masterclass Guru- Guest Speaker. 

Reijul Sachdev has published an anthology of poems, ‘Emerald Blades’, which was a winner of the ‘Write, Publish, Publicise’ contest at the Bangalore Poetry Festival. His second book ‘Hai-Clue’ is based on his experiences at school.

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