Daily Khabar : Disseminating Content to Indians in Foreign lands like New Zealand.

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Daily Khabar is among the top news websites in foreign nations like New Zealand, which has been connecting the Indians away from their homelands. It has been catering Desi news content to the Desi people in foreign land. It’s the people behind this news portal that has brought the site so much popularity in an alien place, especially thousands of miles away from this place. So, all the people who seem to remain behind this website are as under: 

Sharandeep Singh – It starts with the CEO and the founder of Daily Khabar.  

Ranjha Rajan – versatile actor, RJ and anchor Ranjha Rajan is a creative director with this news portal. 

Baljinder Singh – News Editor and Presenter in Daily Khabar New Zealand dealing with global and local news.  

Harmeek Singh - News Presenter of Daily Khabar. He is the host of a popular Web Show -Khabar Te Nazar, which has remained New Zealand’s most popular Web Show. This show deals with global and international news along with several popular press reports.  

Gurinder Singh -  a Presenter of a famous Web Show -NZ DAIRY) and he acts as a host of the show and has brought it high in terms of popularity interviewing the famous personalities, famous businessmen and rising stars. 

Rajwinder Kaur – is a Presenter of the famous Web Show -SAFAR – E – ZINDAGI wherein Rajwinder calls people like Strugglers, Students, Social Workers, and Successful Persons etc. to interview. 

NZ Ammy – is a Presenter of the popular web show called The Talent Cafe. Ammy remains the host of the show and she presents popular singers, book authors, story writers, sports people and filmmakers to name a few. 

Raman Kumar -  is a Video Editor/Graphic Designer/Social Media Manager of Daily Khabar. He manages different video news programs of Daily Khabar. He also takes care of the Downloading / Editing / Uploading of the visual content on different Daily Khabar Social Media Channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Snapchat.  

He also takes care of different Social Media Creative like Graphics design, Photo editing and Advertisement Graphics. Besides, he also remains the admin of social media channels of DK and he takes care of daily updating part of the content.  


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