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Efforts are on to re-establish the nation as Vishwaguru. The government has also issued instructions in this direction. For this, more emphasis is being laid on self-reliance and indigenous products and services.

In this sequence, an effort is also being made to establish a platform like Wikipedia in India. It is worth noting that Wikipedia is available in the past, but other countries have owned it. In this sequence, a Mumbai-based duo has started Bharatpedia to give it an utterly indigenous form. It will be the country’s first free encyclopedia.

The founder told that all efforts to become self-reliant are unsuccessful unless we use indigenous services. People’s attention has been on Wikipedia for the truthfulness and correct information of the facts. But now, efforts are being made to change its form, and it should be prepared by Indians, for Indians.

The founders of Bharatpedia pointed out that this is the greatest need of the present. It is a symbol of our nationality, and its use will help us establish ourselves as self-confident. They further informed that it will function entirely like Wikipedia and will help in providing complete information in one place.

Presently its head office has been established in Mumbai. The information will be collected and systematically provided by individual contributors.

Its founders informed that it is based on a wiki-based editing system under which we organize the information chronologically. MediaWiki has been supported in preparing this, which will also help create accounts and make information available to users. At the same time, its language will be simple, and sentences will be short and precise. At present, its vocabulary has been kept in English. Still, later, it will also change it to Hindi to give it an utterly indigenous form and will also add other regional languages of India to it.


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