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“Awards not just have meaning around holding trophies and medals but a way to appreciate & recognize one’s hardwork in the field.” — Ankita Bhatia

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Stars of Shahanshah

Ankita Bhatia, founder of Shahanshah Publications a government registered organisation started her journey as an entrepreneur by starting a community named as _ankita_encourage_talent and as the name itself says she wanted to encourage people with talent in diverse fields whether be it writing , dancing or anything and also through this community she started providing Internships to females giving a force to women empowerment and then with this strong female team she continued by founding her own publication Shahanshah Publications and whatsapp community named as PAW 24/7 to encourage people with talent but with no money or platform like Instagram or Facebook to showcase and get recognized for their talent…

Where most organisations organising awards just to encourage people with talent in field of writing or entrepreneurship , another affiliate of Shahanshah Publications , Shahanshah Virtual Awards came into picture with a moto to recognize talent by honouring them for their hardwork in various fields and not only that but the awards for World’s Best Dad to recognize the sacrifices and hardwork made by dad and to pay gratitude by honouring them with title of World’s Best Dad

Shahanshah Virtual Awards for writers , artists , photographers, dancers , compilers and managing heads is the most affordable awards to recognize awardees with digital trophy , digital medal , digital poster and digital certificate with an interview of each one of them to be published in paperback

And the awardees for World’s Best Daddy will be honoured with trophy and medal at their home with their dad’s name written on it with 2 e-certificates one being for best dad And another being for best child to nominate his dad for his sacrifices…

Here is the list of awardees for both the awards

Awardees of World’s Best Daddy Award

1) S Shivkumar father of Akshay Kumar
2)Hareshbhai Maniyar Father of Ankit
3)Nitin Saxena father of Ayush

Awardees of Virtual Awards in 6 different categories

?Sandhiya Devi
?Tushita Agrawal
?Kamna Tank
?Sinega Khetzia
?Suzannha Ferrao

?Shubha Harini U
?Tushita Agrawal
?Sandhiya Devi
?Sinega Khetzia
?Renu Mangtani
?Durgesh Kumar

?Manish A.R Makwana
?Jaya Bharti Kuntal
?Kamna Tank
?Monika Shrivastava
?Atul Tyagi
?Aparna Singh Chauhan
?Noor Tabassum
?Priyanka Sampath
?Ayush Saxena
?Leema Rose
?Payel Acharjee

?Jaya Bharti Kuntal

?Vaishnavi Subramanian

?Muskaan Manoj Kunar

Last but not the least you surely cannot compare the level of sacrifices made by your dad but surely you can pay gratitude to him by honouring him with the title “World’s Best Daddy” .
To nominate yourself and keep yourself updated for the upcoming awards , connect us on email and Instagram

Email id

Instagram id

Pic Courtesy : Pictures of all awardees publication call them as stars of shahanshah collected in one frame and designed by Suzannha Ferrao


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