Author Meetu Chopra shares some facts about ‘LOVE’

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Author Meetu Chopra

Love is a connection between 2 souls which internally feels each other,
Love is a organization between 2 people whom co-operate for building their life-structure, 
Love is a neutral which plays like a flow of candle, 
Love is like a keyboard  which plays according to your hands,
Love is an agreement between d 2 parties, 
Love is an initiative step in any building (home),  Love is a connection which play’s a vital role for any empire, 
Love is a completing task for itself, 
Love is a ornament which decorates our whole life, 
Love is a magical which expresses the inner  happiness, 
Love is a destination where you can meet your true soul, 
Love is a awakening of emotions between the 2 souls, 
Love is a challenging phase which you can’t find, 
Love is a book of various loops either you win, either u loose, 
Love is a manager of your beliefs and hardwork, 
Love  is a dictionary of every pain, 
Love is a serving your heart  for building another ‘FAMILY’, 
Love is a shelter of caring and throughput, 
Love is a worship of each other, 
Love is a prosperity of freedom and forgiveness, 
Love is a ultimate goal of happiness, 
Love is a burner of aggressiveness and emotional state, 
Love is a purifier for itself, 
Love is a bow in any opposite situation, 
Love is a process of recruitment , emotions between 2 souls, 

Love is a satisfactory equipment for seducing emotions, 
Love is a belonging  of peacefull truth, Love is a unconditional and spiritual, 
Love is a key of unconditional journey,
Love is like treatment of wounds,
Love is a fire of give and take,
Love is a titled in itself, 
Love is a weightage for successful relationship, 
Love is a treasure of dreams and wishes, 
Love is a sparkle bonding between the persons, 
Love is a framework of friendship for immense happiness, 
Love is a collaboration of understanding and delight, 
Love is a delivery for a  new infant , 
Love is a deliberate approach, 
Love is a fragrance of beautiful garden, 
Love is a process of transforming biological energy, 
Love is a emotional frequency, 
Love is all about understanding in  psychological manner, 
Love is a theory of hardwork and time, Love is a bucket of flowers, 
Love is a process of defeating your  deficiency, 
Love is a process of  abundance and  craziness, 
Love is like a guitar for playing your feelings via sounds, 
Love is a process of managing  appreciation, 
Love is a cure in problem and sweet in transforming energies, 
Love is an unscheduled and timely process, 
Love is like forming a ‘New Empire’,
Love is a process of charging inner peace, 
Love is a changing framework, 
Love is a journey of new world, 
Love is all about your creativeness and happiness, 
Love is only possible when u give respect each other, 
Love is undefined and magical, 
Love is having no structure for demonstration, 
Love is beyond all the gift’s of oneself, 
Love is a stair for support and  strength, 
Love is a step by step approach for peaceful life, 
Love is magical and it’s approach works as magician, 
Love is a  training of care, respect and responsibilities, 
Love is a transportation of bonding, 
Love is an immortal system, 
Love is a system of holding you in emotional manner, 
Love is a reporting system of strength  and believe, 
Love is biological, psychological, emotional and perception process, 

Love is a beauty of hearted person, 
Love is in blood, twist and turns, 
Love is a clarification of peaceful journey, 
Love is like a spirit and readiness, 
Love is a  process of gaining  spiritual power, 
Love is all about true faith and hope, 
Love is process of  clustering 2 souls into one bond, Love is a account of your patience, 
Love is a balance sheet of your desires, 
Love is like a ringtone in your heart, 
Love is a beautiful blessing which no one can purchase, 
Love is a journey of listening unspoken words between 2 souls, 
Love is pure and  works in clockwise direction, Love is all about handle your management of emotions, 
Love is feasible and unrestricted by Age, Love is a doorstep for pleasant memories, 
Love is a vision of dreams, 
Love is sparkling thoughts and outputs,
Love is graceful and wholesome activity of understanding, hope, care and respect,
Love is all about motivational throughputs, 
Love is a display of memories and problems, 
Love is theory of physical attraction and emotional attachment,
Love works as 4G speed in relationships,
Love is an open chapter of experiences, 

Love is like final examination in life, 
Love is fashionable and seasonable, 
Love is sensitive and uncertain, 

Love is traditional celebration, 
Love defines the proper  division of time and patience, 
Love is an accurate journey of ‘structure’, 
Love is a unplanned situation, 
Love is an universal approach.


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