Anushka Srivastava – The Vigour in Yourself

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“Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, the magic starts happening.”

Hi, I am Anushka Srivastava (born December 8, 2002) the most cheerful, carefree, and excited girl you will ever meet and the one who always believes that the best company you will ever have is ‘YOU’ yourself. I was born in Gorakhpur a city in Uttar Pradesh and brought up in Noida.
I completed my schooling from Sarla Chopra D.A.V. Public School, Noida and graduation in Bcom. from Greater Noida institute of management.
My childhood was normal like many others had and I am truly sacred that I was born in such a wonderful family.

Reading is normal but I always wanted to do something different along with my studies and I believe that we can manage our time if we want to and we shouldn’t disregard any opportunity in any situation. So, with this thought, I started my first internship in an N.G.O. while preparing for my board exams and by the grace of God, I gave my best and played my role well in both places.

Life was going great then one day I participated in a competition randomly was National level story writing competition, I didn’t get any position in it but through it, a one-day miracle happened in my life and I got the offer to publish my story in a book. I accepted and I did. So, by this, I become the Co-author just after completing my schooling. The first story I wrote was “The Quarantine Night”.I always love to give words to my thoughts so, I started writing stories and quotes.

Everything was going great but it’s Life and it is not always on one side. It brings good times and bad times too. It was an incident, sometimes it happens that we don’t understand what to do, we just want someone who understands, who support but with me their were people to listen and understand but their were no one at my side to support and because of that I started feeling lonely but loneliness is not a bad thing it is a very amazing thing because when we are lonely we get amazing ideas for success and improvements. The only difference is how you dominate yourself in any situation. So, at that time I decided to work on myself, on my dreams, and my goals. Because then I stopped caring about what people would say, I had only one goal, to make my life better.

As I understood that everyone who come, came or come in life will give a lesson and it can be positive or negative and everything is temporary in life like many will leave because of reason or maybe without any reason, some will come just for their needs except parents, family and the one who u going to love. So, I started being nice to everyone as always but at this time I stopped expecting anything from others, I don’t let my decisions my perception change because of others as I started believing that the longest relationship one can ever have in their life will be with themselves. So better protect that. It was a rise to the challenges of bringing my dreams to life.

I kept on moving forward and the best thing was my parents always supported me in my every decision. Then I took my life out of the bad times and brought it back to the good time.

I always wanted that my identity could be in the world, I just don’t get recognized in my surroundings and this dream is becoming true through Dream Publishers.

I just want to say that we should not sit in fear in any situation, we should never think that what will happen now life is ruined. we should always voice against wrong and we should always be strong in every situation no matter what. We should not care who is with us or not because if we have faith in ourselves then we can do anything in life.

“The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”
-Mark Caive


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