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Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann) awarded The Queen Award for professional excellence

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Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann)

Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann) was crowned at Face of the Globe India 2016 – she was an international pageant title holder at London and Paris. She also worked as brand ambassador for the pageant and its charity. Alongside this, she has also been a Finalist at 3 other Pageants/Shows, ‘Beauty of Women’  award winner, Grand Jury member, Showstopper for Alex Fashion Miss and Misses Bangalore Season 4 and 5 where she was mentioned in 65 news articles of Alex Fashion as showstopper. She was also a Guest model at another show and Brand ambassador at Diva Queen pageant. She is also invited as Guest of Honor at International Glam Icon Mumbai and chosen as brand ambassador for ‘Beauty of Women’ Award function by Alex Fashion. She has also been invited as Audition Jury for MissMrs Global Queen Season 2 (2022). She has also won the Opus Talent Awards(Category – Best achiever of the year 2021 ) , Golden Arc Awards (for Talents in Multiple Professions ), Fashion awards 2021 winner (category – Beauty Pageant Winner) and Standing ovation award (Best achiever of the year), International Achiever award(Diva Queen – BFWA Excellence awards),  Golden Women Achiever award ( Fashion Model and Researcher ), Fireboxx international book of world records (International Fashion Model of the year), Iconic Talents award (Rising Star of the year)., South Asia Records (111 Most Inspiring Indians – upcoming event), Feminarc Awards (Category – Personality).Kannada Rajyotsava Award (Fashion Model, Science and Technology Professional) ‘Miss Style Icon’ title at Fashivo Fab Bharat Icon 2021, and Hemmeya Kannadathi award, Fashion Legends award (Fashion Model, Science and Technology Innovation Professional), Emerging Women Business Awards(Fashion Model and Researcher), Fireboxx Artist Icon Award(for achievements in Fine arts (Vocals, Instrumentals and Dance).

She was also featured on Khaleej Times international news article as a pageant title holder , News Today(India)(for her singing),Fox Interviewer, Yolodaily, Disrupt magazine, Dillistan, Zee5, influencer magazine UK,, Midget Herald and Vents magazine, The India Saga, TV 12 Kannada , Fashion fair magazine, Inspirant Magazine, with success stories as a ramp model and awards recipient in multiple categories . She has been a professional model and has walked for ramp shows for various designers and brands all over India and in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) .She is considered a celebrity, and has been an Award winning Software Engineer (former) at Infosys. She has also worked as a Researcher , Singer in a variety of genres(Carnatic vocals trainer) and sang in a TV program telecast on DD Podhigai in 2002, and also awarded a couple of cash prizes by Talentrack for singing a couple of cover songs. Also Featured in News Today(for singing)Besides this, she is also very talented at Dance across a wide range of genres, and has played 3 musical instruments(Drums guitar and veena) .

She holds Dual Masters degrees in technical fields.Her versatility and innate talents across multiple fields and her multi-dimensionality sets her apart from the rest. She is currently also working as a Quantitative Financial Developer with Cairnhill Capital.

Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann) was recently awarded The Queen Award by The Eagle Eye Network for professional excellence.


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