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Anastasia Berthier’s Main IG Page is Back!!!

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The long wait is over and finally the agony of waiting has come to an end! On May 17th of this year, Anastasia Berthier’s official IG account has been lifted. A few years ago, her official IG page has been banned due to some restrictions on the platform as well as some reports from competitors. It was somehow really devastating as it reached almost half a million since 2018. But Anastasia kept the faith, holding on what she could do at that time and did not give up her dreams being a model and influencer.

“It was frustrating as I worked hard to earn that spot and suddenly everything is gone, I didn’t see that coming and should not let my guard down” Anastasia said.

Truly, it is the heart that really matters to an inspiring ranging model of Russia, as she continued and never remain from setback. She had created another IG profile and it reaches a million followers as of today.

Now that she has her official page lifted, she has doubled the excitement we are getting from her and there will be a lot more that our curvy model will offer. The continuous support from her fans plays a very important role on her main IG account as her fans are the main reason behind all her success.

Anastasia said “I am grateful to all the people who supported me especially my fans who gave me an unwavering support, from my social media accounts up to my OnlyFans account. Thank you for your kindness and continuous support during my ups and lows. I can’t thank you all but you know exactly who you are. I love you all!”

There will be a time of hardships for every model and not everyone is lucky enough as Anastasia. Share to us your comments below and tell us what was your most memorable Anastasia moments?

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