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Nandita Mittal was born in 1986 in Dehradun. A firm believer in God, An Educationalist, soft-skills trainer, worked as a training and Placement officer on the professional front. Those who know Nandita know how much she likes dancing, acting, and writing. She is well known for her creativity. She wants to live her life in her conditions. That is why She wants to give some meaning to her life. The word Nandita means Happiness, and this is what she wants to bring in the lives of everyone around her.

She started her career as a banker though that job did not excite her much, and then came the first turning point of her life. It was 2013 when she got an opportunity to work with the world’s largest residential university for women, Banasthali Vidyapith. From Research associate to Assistant professor, her journey there was challenging but exciting. Remembering her days of Banasthali, she says, it was a worthwhile journey. Each day was full of tasks, and it was always fascinating to complete them. It helped her to bring out the best in her.

Nandita started writing when she was 16. Earlier she used to write occasionally, but she never thought that writing could give her accolades in the future. She says the nighttime was the best time for her to write something. That is the time when she is at peace, and her emotions are at their peak.  

Nandita is a Commerce Graduate and has an MBA in finance and HR.  In her career span of 9 years, she never took a break from work. She mentioned that work was the only thing that helped her keep sane in this insane world. Being in a full-time teaching job, she could not spare much time for writing. But her Job profile involves a lot of creativity in her work, such as content writing, public speaking, and training and development. Nandita is known as Multitasker, bodacious, and Jovial person amongst her friends and relatives. She is an open person who always calls a spade a spade.

In 2019 she gave birth to a cute boy and took a break from work. She moved to Mumbai with her husband and 4-month-old baby. She mentioned that raising a baby alone was challenging, and writing her emotions was somewhat relaxing. She began to participate in various writing contests, and her work started featuring on many platforms. Due to covid 19 and being inspired by her 02 years old baby, she was back to her passion for writing. She generally writes poetry on love and heartbreaks.

The second turning point of her life was when she got a break from Unicorn Magazine in 2020. Her first story, love at first sight, was published by Unicorn Magazine. Also, she won an award for the Best writer of the year 2021 by unicorn Magazine. She co-authored her first International Anthology, Impromptu, Published by Ukiyoto Publications in 2021. She has co-authored other anthologies, Wings to fly and Comeback, published by Flairs and Glairs. She also won the Special Mention title by Cherry Books awards- International poem writing competition. Presently, she is working on other anthologies as well. Recently her work was accepted by unicorn magazine for the unicorn literature festival 2021.  She loves to write non-fiction and wants to experience fiction segments as well in the future. Nandita aims to bring change in many women’s lives through her writing. She thinks that all women deserve love, and they must know their worth. There are many phases in a woman’s life when she has to sacrifice so many things, but few of them are lucky enough to get the opportunity to step forward and live their dream.

She says her father is the biggest inspiration of her life, and I am sure he is blessing her from heaven. He had always encouraged his daughters to learn new things in life. She says I am a dreamer, and I have always dreamt of bringing name and fame to my family.

If she is not spending time with her friends and family, you can always find her watching K-dramas or spending time doing art and craft. 

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