An exclusive interview of the World Record Holder Author of Surat city. Piyush Babosa Baid.

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Q1. Tell us about yourself?

Piyush Babosa Baid lives in surat city of Gujarat state of India. An interior architect by profession. Is also very passionate about his writing skills, I write quotes and stories in the English language and poems in Hindi. I also try to find the world of happiness by writing. Because I strongly believe that a writer is a swimmer of the ocean called words, they get and collect meaningful and creative for readers. I as an author also believe that writers are one of the book covers of success.

Q2. Tell us about your published books?

1-Beach Time Stories.

The book Beach Time Stories consists of 17 stories. It’s motivational in some way with pages examples, and it can present a very positive approach to the readers’ life. The book can help you to show the path of life and even the key rules for life’s happiness. For sure this might help you in solid self-talk, the present volume, to a great extent, is the result of inspirations.

2-The Gift Of Universe.

The book The gift of universe consist of 9 short stories. This book tries to explain the unique relationship and the bond we got by the time of birth. The book also shows the feeling and effort of our unique relation between parents and friendship, hence it shows the bond. It also reveals the feeling of a friend to his school time friends the feeling of orphan child and old age parents.

Q3. Tell us about your achievements?

As an author, I had won several awards and titles. Even holding a world record for a unique concept of Reverse Parenting.


Author of the week.

Author of the month.

Author of the year.

Literary Colonel.


Kalam Ratna Awards.

Rabindranath Tagore international prize of art and literature.

Swami Vivekanand rashtriya swarn samman.

Indian noble Award.

Excellence Award.

Dream Award.

Beyond all this award the biggest award for me is the love of readers.

Q4. Your inspiration?

For me my biggest inspiration who always blessed me to shine are my lord shree babosa my param aaradhika baisa my parents and the review of readers this all always encouraged me inspired to give my best in the field of literature. I even thank and feel my inspirational personality to sir Sailesh Lodha for my poem writing.

Q5. What is literary criticism for you?

Well literary criticism is back push for me which is the most important party of your future to push your self and get shined over the nation. I feel that without criticism we can’t input our 100% for best output, the one who criticize you are the real support of yours.

Q6. Are you on social media, can your readers intract with you?

Yes my readers and well wishers are always welcome on my chat box. Can interact with me on facebook and Instagram.

Facebook:- @piyushbabosajain


Q7. What is the most difficult part of writing?

According to me for story writing the most difficult part is plotting and arranging the concept paragraph wise and language setting. And as a poem writter the most difficult part is explaining the whole meaning in a four para and also the rhyming the para’s.

Q8. What message would you like to give to upcoming writers?

First of all i would like to congratulate and wish all the very best to all the upcoming writers. And would like to say them always be determined never be afraid of criticism, take them as a positive sign. I would like to share my writing way to upcoming writers that always take your time to select the topic and give the maximum time for researching on it before plotting the stories satisfy yourself by researching then start plotting the story, after that design the characters and finish it with full happiness and faith on your write ups.


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