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The humiliation the torture the inferiority complex every girl goes through while a meeting is arranged for his arranged marriage is inevitable and unexpressable. 

The way she was looked up by her on mother is heart breaking. 

That day it’s not just the people who’ll be looking at you but at one point even your family would start judging you.

Will look at you are you enough fair?

Are you even worth looking?

Are you dressing appropriately?

Are you even keeping the right nail colour?

Are you trying to be more of original you?

Cause that’s what you are not supposed to do .

You are supposed to wear the way they like, the way your parents like.

Yes you are left handed and if you had a habit of eating with left please struggle  to fit a bite of food with the right hand else you are not supposed to even eat.

Hide your worries

Hide your anxieties

Hide your traumas

Hide your outlook

Hide your ambitions

Don’t cough 

Don’t sneeze

Don’t eat much before you sit in front of them cause your belly should not look bulky…

Don’t look weak, your glow will decrease…

Don’t sleep more your eyes would be swollen…

Don’t sleep less your eyes would be red…

And hide every thing you scared  of. 

Just like a company’s agreement tick mark all the conditions you are supposed to abide by.

Defining or ruining you

Even if you have to wear a mask or kill the only  thing that defines you. 

The best part of all

You’ll be never enough 

Someday you are skinny tone won’t be enough…

Someday your pimples were explode the pain…

Someday your weight will bring the weight to your sadness…

Someday you being too skinny will make u unhealthy…

Someday your height would be enough shorter to take his life to heights…

Someday your height would be too much to match his shoulder

Benchmark it will be always him not her.

As a girl, I will never let my daughter or son go through all this pain.

I promise to this myself 

May be as a mother or a father they do forget the hurt every child goes through with all this actions and reactions.

But I will remember this and will save them from everything which feels like this for whole life. 


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