All you need to know about the sensational rapper and songwriter ILLAH aka Mayurath Sinh

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ILLAH aka Mayurath Sinh

Mayurath Sinh, known professionally as ILLAH, is an American-Indian rapper and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his flow, lyrical abilities and for being the only representation of the Indian American demographic in mainstream hip hop. Surprisingly, when hip-hop hit the world, India was not far behind. With Bollywood incorporating hip hop, it slowly became a household term in India giving birth to a sub genre over the years called “Indian Hip Hop”. Surprisingly, Mayurath is one of the few or only faces that represent the Asian Indian demographic in hip hop in the USA. According to (South Asian Americans Leading Together), the population of American residents tracing their roots to South Asia grew to about 5.4 million in 2017. A joint Duke University/UC Berkeley study revealed that Indian immigrants have founded more engineering and technology jobs from 1995-2005 than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan and Japan all combined. Sinh particularly sticks out like a sore thumb in this demographic as his career took him on a completely different journey.

For many years, hip-hop as a subculture in India existed only in the shadows. The niché community grew from mostly battle rappers that traded bars over websites like Orkut, Facebook and even at local venues to becoming a nation wide phenomenon. Even though India mingled with the idea of the ‘streets’ culture by making movies about the street culture in India, there has never been a real representative of Indians in that culture until Sinh. Having worked with Grammy Nominated Producer Sledgren from Legendary Wiz Khalifa’s label Taylor Gang and heavyweight Detroit Producer Damjonboi, Mayurath has earned co signs from artists such as Platinum Recording artist Mozzy whose song “Sleepwalking” was featured in the hit blockbuster “Black Panther” and Houston, TX heavyweight Sauce Walka. Earlier this year, Sinh teased a song with Drakeo The Ruler affiliate “Stinc Team” artist Ralfy The Plug. Sinh’s sound can be described as an amalgamation of the new west coast/LA sound layered with wavy autotune vocals and articulate storytelling. Sinh definitely has a unique story and perspective considering he was born in India and ended up in Los Angeles, California at a young age.

From his days in multiple bands, being an engineer and to being on the come-up as Illah, Mayurath has established a stable footing in the independent west coast music world. Sinh’s leaked single about suicide awareness is currently at 1.5 million streams over several different streaming platforms. One of his other leaked songs “No More” has over 100,000 plays on YouTube and his latest music video titled “Unconditional” featuring fellow Compton, CA artist TOWNBOYNL is at 20,000 views.

The LA based rapper has recently teamed up with frequent collaborators and producers XanXan and LA Native Dj Robby Dinero, who has worked with top tier names in the LA Music scene, to release his latest single “Make it Look Easy”. The two minute-thirty second track dropped on the 10th of August on all platforms via his independent label “Strictly Family”. Faster and relatively more aggressive than his usual style and bearing both subdued and comparatively loud segments, “Make It Look Easy” is a single in which new wave of west coast fans are likely to take interest.


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