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मैं अपनी ही एक कहानी लिख रहा हूँ,

की हुई हर कारस्तानी लिख रहा हूँ,

लिख रहा हूँ खिलौनों को जोड़ने से मोहब्बत में टूटने की दास्तान,

मिलने से लेकर इश्क़ के क़त्ल का पूरा बयान,

छूटे बचपन से ख़त्म होती जवानी लिख रहा हूँ,

मैं अपनी ही एक कहानी लिख रहा हूँ

                            -The Stranger

                        (Abhishek Kumar Tiwari)

I belong to a small village in Bihar with the name “Kalyanpur Road” and was born on 29th March 1991, in “City of Water falls” Ranchi, Bihar (Now Jharkhand’s Capital) in a brahmin family, my grandmother used to tell me many stories since childhood, because of which I became fond of listening & reading stories and folk tales, where everything always goes well or justice is achieved, no matter how many battles have been fought or hard work has to be done, because of which I always don’t let the struggles get bigger than life, I found that life is full of many different colors, love, childhood, old age, politics, dreams and many, countless. Each color had its own distinctive feature and my all poems, quotes and stories revolves around these colors only.

By the Age of 16 I started feeling a surge of lot of words, anxious to get over the page and that was the time I started writing. I wrote few Stories and quotes, later I started writing under the name of “The Stranger”.  I am a fiction lover, a good story teller and quite Rebellious in nature too. I always feel that life should be lived with gusto. I always wrote as if I was writing about myself only.

Hitherto, my poems are published in five short anthologies namely- “Just Let it Go” and “Who Am I” in ‘Irenic: Peaceful and Perfect’, “Meri Kavita Ho Tum” in ‘Ankahi Dastan: An Untold Tale’, “Shabda” in ‘Garden of Thoughts’, “Pehli Mulkaat” in ‘Mann Mera’, and “Mai Phir Aaina Dekh aaj Muskura Gaya” and “When I Will Die” in ‘Everything Started as Nothing’. I was invited by Humrooh Publication house as a guest speaker for being a budding poet. I am also a producer of a short film “Bread Butter”, which is available on Disney Hotstar. Recently, I have also produced one more short film, “the Trail”, which is based on my poem “Meri Ek Kavita Ho Tum”. Both the short films produced by me are enlisted on IMDB (  I, along with Kreative Krew, a You-tube channel, organised Kreative Krew Talent Hunt season 1 at Siri Fort, which was a huge success. My endeavours with writing is like penning down the untangible, which can only be felt. 

My Career

As I have been a story lover, I always wished to explore more, which drew my attention towards hospitality sector. But the family was never in favor of hospitality, they wanted their son to do something else, either study business or pay attention towards government jobs. But even after so many impedances, I wanted to explore, so I pursued what I believed in. After my college days, I started my career with “ITC Fortune” Kolkata. But as destiny had it, due to some health issues I had to return to my family in Ghaziabad. And then I joined “McDonalds” as a Manager, where I met innumerable people of innumerable modalities. After a successful journey of five and half years with McDonalds, it was the time to move on, to unfurl sheets of life, to explore more in different fields. So, I started looking for another opportunity and soon siezed one. I got an opportunity to work as Lead in Amazon India. During this time, I got married, found a very understanding, encouraging life partner. Right now, I have been working in Amazon for 4.5 years and I have explored myself here a lot.

My Message

Many problems will come in your way, people will sometimes show fear of elders, sometimes of society, sometimes of jobs and other things. But don’t be afraid of them, move forward to the direction you feel is right and can change things in a right way. Always focus on long term solutions, also which can contribute towards society or Team building. Be a good learner, because if you’re a good learner, you are a better earner. You can learn the true lessons of life from your daily routine only, so you can earn the wisdom. Ergo, learn well, earn well. 

My message to everyone will be that always go ahead, learn, explore new possibilities. Make it easy for people to walk the path you had trouble walking. Try to be the leader, you always wanted you to lead by.

                                   “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
                            -Mahatma Gandhi


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