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A day with Mahesh Lalwani

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Mahesh Lalwani
  1. What is music for you?
    Music is my passion, I feel refreshment within my soul and I become very strong to express my
    emotions and feelings through my music.
    music teaches you to live in the moment of your feelings, and you can explain your feelings and
    things, situations though music. Music heals my wounds and make me cross the materialistic
    boundaries to reach the spiritual world
    Music teaches you ways to live, makes you feel, explains things and situations. It encourages
    you, motivates you, it pours energy into you. Music can make you cross your boundaries and
    you’ll feel powerful like never before.
  2. What/ who inspired you to make music?
    My own source of inspiration that is my passion for music and my music teacher Izhar Ali also
    inspired me to make my own flavor of Sindhi music with unique sindhi tunes. Music can kick-start
    your neurons into action
  3. If you were not a musician, what would you be?
    If I were not a musician, I would had been a businessman
  4. Musicians that you dream of meeting. performing
    My dream is meet and perform with Sonu Nigham, Arijit Singh, Mohit lalwani, Jatin udasi
    Wandana Nirankari
  5. how the response been so far?
    response is good and my audience and public likes and appreciates my music
  6. Do you think social media has helped music to grow?
    Yes, because now a days its era of social media and social media platforms has
    revolutionized to establish the music brands and many of tactics such as playing live, recording
    and broadcasting live, distributing music and seeking more audience through social media and
    social media platforms empowers the artists.
  7. What are your future plans
    I’ll make musical Sessions and invite other musicians to collaboratively work with me
  8. what is your favorite instrument?, reason of attachment with the particular instrument.
    Harmonium/piano favorite instrument and it feel refreshment and i sees a new tone of music to
  9. do you sing only in Sindhi or any intension of singing in other languages too?
    Yes, besides Sindhi I have sang Urdu songs.
  10. Did your family support you in your singing career
  11. what did you do during pandemic?
    Music creation only
  12. Message for youngsters who want to come in this field
    you can come to music career and you’ll find your hidden talent and enjoy your soul and power to
    express your feelings and emotions through music
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