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What’s Next…?

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Anastasia Berthier is said to be one of the ranging international models of her generation, and the epitome of a real curvy model and influencer. Some people thought that it was the end of her career, when her IG account got banned few years ago.  She loses some of her fans and even her followers, when the suspension happened.  She is indeed the iron lady of the curvy generation, where she keeps on doing her passions in life no matter what struggles will come through. Her hard work has been paid off after reaching 1M followers on Instagram and yet everyone who succeeds in life would really achieve real success after you have overcome a huge setback in life. For now, Anastasia Berthier is mostly concerned on building up her official account and use it to connect more followers and generate more fans. On this event she could also build up a community of fans on her Only Fans where she normally engages with her fans thru Video call and chatting.

As a ranging model it is most important to keep track of your fans at all times on everything that you do. Just as what Anastasia Berthier is doing, she always builds an environment where her fans could feel that she with them on her daily routine.  Anastasia Berthier is simply a package of kindness and beauty; she will make sure that no fans will be left behind on her stardom.

She said “My fans are the real reason why I am here today! There are a few who gave up already, after I lost my official Instagram account. But I am mostly concerned on the fans who didn’t give up, I am most concerned on the fans who loves me with their support and unwavering heart to support me all throughout”.

Today, Anastasia Berthier is doing everything she needs to bounce back and to push her career to the limit as a model. She is more passionate and much more enticing to influence aspiring models and give them confidence and inspirations day by day. Please write your comments below and make sure to subscribe Anastasia Berthier:

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