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Vish Kumar VK- Released his Punjabi track Striving Up

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Vish Kumar VK posted the image for his next single ‘Striving Up’ a few days ago, but he did not reveal the track’s release date at the time. But, to relieve the anticipation, he published his single on June 21st, 2021, and it became accessible on all major platforms on June 25th, 2021.

His song is extremely motivating, and it is dedicated to all hard workers. Vish shared the song’s poster with the caption, “releasing “Striving up” Audio track will be available soon! “This song is dedicated to all handwork believers, stay tuned.”

Check out the poster here:

Striving Up (feat. Prabh Toor) · Vish Kumar Vk · Prabh Toor · Advit Kumar
Striving Up (feat. Prabh Toor) · Vish Kumar Vk · Prabh Toor · Advit Kumar

The song’s credits include Prabh Toor’s lyrics and Advit Kumar’s music and composition, in addition to Vish Kumar VK’s vocals. Vish Kumar VK created the Lyrical video on his YouTube account.

Meanwhile, Vish Kumar VK has claimed that many more unique tunes will be available shortly but has not revealed what they are.

You can connect Him over his YouTube @VishKumarVK and Instagram @iamVishKumarVK

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