Beat Lab , A popular Musical Artist From Karnal

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Beat Lab is a music production house based out of Karnal. Beatlab have given many amazing songs with beautiful lyrics to the music industry under leadership of Mr. Mohit Bhutani. It has produced many of the recent Punjabi and Haryanvi songs which became viral in a short time and are trending on YouTube.

Paving his way through the opportunities in singing during his childhood and making a beautiful career out of it, Beatlab always had the zeal and desire to help people achieve their goals. In addition to being a successful singer and lyricist he is also a person who dwells into social service with all his heart and helps in creating platforms for people with talent. Apart from being a bright aspirant in the music industry himself, Beatlab also intends to assist others in pursuing careers in the same field.

Recently, Beatlab has worked as a Music Arranger in the album “Hum Hindustani” which featured some of the legendary personalities of Bollywood including Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher and Padmini Kolhapur and many more. This album has gathered more than 10 million views.

His music career took off with the album Hum Hindustani, which he arranged. Beatlab is one of today’s young musicians, and his taste and expertise in Haryanvi and Punjabi folk music have made him a well-known figure in his circle and among his admirers, mostly in Punjab and Haryana, and he will soon captivate other areas of the world with his melodic voice and aptitude for creating folk songs.

He is one of today’s up-and-coming performers. His wonderful music video and amazing collection of songs make him a popular face in his circle and followers, in addition to being a successful music producer. In the past, his ability to sing a wide range of songs contributed to his global appeal. Beatlab was founded in Karnal. He is the most well-known artist.

Now, he is working on his own YouTube channel and international music platform like Spotify, Jio saavn, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Sound cloud, etc. “After all, he is proud to be an Indian verified musician.

Mohit’s aim is to keep contributing to the music industry as a music producer and singer through Beatlab. Mohit’s passion is his music and singing too. He has given many award winning performances on on-air radio as a singer. Now talking about upcoming projects, Beatlab is already selected to produce music for web series under Amazon Prime & Netflix which will be available soon.


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