Young Podcaster Adelia Is Demystifying ‘OFfensive Careers’

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Notably known as Alter ego Deelz, Adelia is one of the fastest-rising podcasters in the country. She is the founder of That’s OFfensive, a talk show where she discusses some of the uncomfortable topics in society. One of the key areas she focuses on is enlightening people more about OnlyFans as an alternative source of income for content creators. This was after she successfully established an Onlyfans account but later decided to educate more people about the topic.

Though social media is one dynamic and competitive sector, Adelia’s hard work, authenticity, and dedication make her stand out from the rest. She works tirelessly daily to innovate new strategies to keep her brand visible. Her top marketing strategies across the various platforms give her a different angle and point of interest. Also, Adelia is known for her candid conservation, where she is never afraid to share her experiences in the journey to success.

“There aren’t a lot of parts of myself that I hide from social media and I really do give it my all. I’m quirky, honest, and genuine,” adds Adelia.

However, making a name in the digital space has been a significant challenge for many content creators. Adelia identifies her most significant challenge as dealing with mold poisoning while seeking to create a name for herself.

“I was barely able to get out of bed and on pills that made me feel absolutely terrible. I wasn’t able to work for three months, and lost everything I enjoyed about life. What kept me running was the thought of it all being over and being able to accomplish all of my goals. Once I started getting back in the swing of things, I was so stoked I powered through,” explains Adelia.

The widespread social media usage has given people more career opportunities, and Adelia is never shy about encouraging everyone to try their luck in the industry. There is so much potential in the digital space, and everyone can utilize social media to create a thriving career. For instance, TikTok is currently one of the most popular platforms that you can effectively leverage to build your brand. Like those who are consistent on the platform, Adelia believes you can also grow and blow up your accounts. Therefore, Adelia encourages you to face your fears and go after what you believe in.

Many more people are becoming familiar with podcasts, which is a positive sign for Adelia. Her dream is to continue growing the That’s OFfensive podcast and turn it into one of the largest shows in the country. She is working tirelessly to expand and reach a bigger audience to become one of the most listened-to podcasts. Adelia also shares a dream to interview and host more notable personalities from diverse sectors. The objective is to provide her listeners with more varied, intriguing, and educational content. Part of her goal is to be signed by Barstool and have a crazy podcast network with fans and partners from around the world.


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