YKO, the sensation of the American rap industry is coming up with 17+ songs in his latest mixtape, ‘New Journey’

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Y.K.O. aka Jude the sensation of the American rap industry is coming up with a fresh mixtape, ‘New Journey’ containing 17+ songs. YKO’s ‘New Journey’ has a story-like feel. Through this, he’s giving a message of starting afresh in life. As far as known from sources, this is expected to be one of the best from YKO until now. No wonder why, the mixtape has created a lot of buzz even before the release. Truly, YKO is going to make something huge this time with his unique delivery and style.

Y.K.O has given several hit songs to the rap industry. His songs are available on various platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc. He has a huge fan following among all the rap lovers in the USA. His fans are always eager to know about his next release. And this is really good news for his fans that he is coming up with his new song ‘The new Journey’. The excitement level and craze for his song is something to watch out for.

YKO, the sensation of the American rap industry is coming up with 17+ songs in his latest mixtape, ‘New Journey’

He has been adding a lot of hard work to his new mixtape. This time, with his songs, he is talking about taking the next step forward in life making it become something big and successful. Talking about his previous songs like ‘No limitations’ and ‘Ease Up’, these songs are still as popular as they were during the release. His previous songs are still loved by his fans. This can be seen by his songs being played at parties and events all around the USA.
He has been adding a lot of hard work to this new album ‘New journey’. “Leaving behind what is undone and focus on what is about to accomplish”, says YKO. Through this, he is giving the audience a new area on an open road to greatness.
The buzz of his soon-to-be-released mixtape is looking great. His new song will definitely be going to be a super-duper hit. As always, he has made this series so energetic and enthralling. This is why his fans base is increasing from every corner of the world.

YKO says, “singing brings happiness to his life.” He added that his music has the power to evoke the most profound feelings in its listeners. Music can help persons unwind, have fun, laugh, cry or scream. His music is a source of inspiration during desperate times. All thanks to his popularity.

When most artists’ careers took a hit after the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on lockdown, YKO made inspirational and energetic songs for his fans keeping in mind the crucial time everyone was facing. This is the reason, he is so popular and loved by his fans. His unique sound and inspirational story captivated audiences around the world.
Y.K.O loves telling his story through music. As a music artist, he has some ambitious goals for the future. He prides on himself for working hard and being independent. He plans to make his dreams a reality. He has very high expectations from his latest, ‘New Journey’.

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Follow YKO on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urban_music_production29/

YKO’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFixFoDRdAuMxHl88EIFCOA


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