World’s first Celebrity Making startup founded by Asif Reja Khan

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CelebrityMaking.in is the world’s first startup discovered by Asif Reja Khan to solve the struggles and problems of Talents, Artist, Actors, Influencers, Public Figure, Politician and many more in India. CelebrityMaking.in was founded after 4 years of research and development. The research was started in 2018 under the parent company GrandPosh Techno Private Limited, the aim to start Celebrity Making was to solve the each and single problems faced by an Artist, Actor, Talent etc. CelebrityMaking.in was launched on 1st January 2022, Headquarter at Hyderabad.

About the Founder

Asif Reja Khan is the founder of CelebrityMaking.in, he is India’s Youngest Entrepreneur and the owner of CenturyX Business Research and Development Center.

Asif Reja Khan was born on 22nd October 2003 in Guwahati, Assam.

Services of CelebrityMaking.in

CelebrityMaking.in provides a variety of services related to Celebrity Making. To avail any service from CelebrityMaking.in every one has to go through a process. The process is different for every service.

Our services are used by Actors, Influencers, Public Figures, Artists, Singers, Companies, Politicians, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs etc.

“To become an Actor the candidate has to do a training program in our institute after shaping the candidate into a proper actor or actress we cast them for movies, web series etc. After this first step we start the celebrity making process.”

Top Services on CelebrityMaking.in are Actor Making, Wikipedia Page, Influencers Making, Google Knowledge Panel, Instagram Verification etc.

We create Wikipedia Page for Professionals, Actors, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Sport Players etc. Our Wikipedia Page success rate is 99%. Our all articles get approved within 15 to 30 days with any problem.

We create Google Knowledge Panel for companies, startups, singers, authors, actors, influencers etc. Google Knowledge Panel helps in Instagram Verification, Facebook Verification etc.

We provide Social Media Verification services also, this service anyone can avail from us at very affordable rate. We provide Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Verification.

We provide Actor Making or Acting Training also at a very affordable cost. 90% of our students after completing the training program get into TVF, ALT Balaji, MX Player, The Screen Pati, RVCJ Media, Dice Media etc.

We provide Website and App Development services also for companies and startups at a very affordable rate with free 1 year SEO Service.

We provide Press Release and Online Marketing services also. Our PR services are the cheapest in India. We provide cheapest press releases on Forbes, Hindustan Times, TOI, MyPencilDotcom, News18 etc.

Why Best for Actors?

Upcoming actors have to struggle a lot from training to casting and to get a role. We, CelebrityMaking.in reduce the struggles and make the process easy for upcoming actors. When an upcoming actor joins us, the first thing we do is that we train them and shape them to a perfect actor. The best part of CelebrityMaking.in is that while training the upcoming actors can earn also. After training we cast them for films, web series, short films etc.

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