Why You Should Embrace a Sober life: Serenity Falls

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Sobriety has a profound impact on one’s life. You might frequently hear from your friends or peers that living a clean life is the best life you could ever live. However, this is far from true. Substance abuse can have a detrimental impact on an addict’s physical health. This is why many health advocates constantly recommend sober lifestyles. However, for someone already battling drug or alcohol addiction, sobriety may not appear to be the better option.

The great news is that you can successfully adopt a sober lifestyle under the guidance of a professional. There are many professional organizations helping addicts embark on full recovery. Serenity Falls is one of the top organizations helping thousands transform their lives.

Owned and run by healthcare professionals with years of personal experience in recovery and addiction medicine, Serenity Falls is making an impact in the community by teaching others about the benefits of living a sober life. The team of professionals at Serenity Falls understands that the root of substance abuse is loneliness and isolation and that the best solution is connection. Their primary goal is to create an environment that feels like home and helps women of all ages recover from various addictions.

The Serenity Falls founders believe that substance abuse is defined by feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation. Fortunately, sober living provides the opposite. Sharing your struggles and worries with friends can change lives, and sober living aims to provide that environment. Additionally, scientific studies repeatedly show that a structured living environment can increase recovery rates. One study revealed that structured sober living increased success rates by 600% compared to those not living in sober living. 

 “What inspires us is every alcoholic or addict that takes the first steps to get clean or sober. Most people dealing with substance abuse issues live every day with a giant hole in their chest. They are filled with so much self-doubt and anxiety that it’s hard to get out of bed, much less fix their entire lives. We have an unbelievable amount of respect for anyone who asks for and seeks help when they’re in this situation,” says one of the founders of Serenity Falls.

One of the primary dangers of being an addict is that substance abuse might lower energy. Serenity Falls states that this is especially true for those on antidepressants or mood stabilizers. Because narcotics often rewire the regions of the brain that influence mood, substance abuse can greatly diminish enthusiasm.

Another reason addicts have less energy is because addiction prevents them from getting adequate sleep. Without adequate sleep, the body cannot properly rest and re-energize.

Consequently, exhaustion and low energy reduce productivity. As a result, Serenity Falls is on a mission to help addicts attain sobriety while offering a safe and relaxing environment place that provides structure and builds positive relationships that often last a lifetime. To the staff at Serenity Falls, the cure for substance abuse is connection. 


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