Why BITAC Is Leading In Appointment-based Events In The Hospitality Industry

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There is no better feeling than meeting your dream event producer. Great event companies always go above and beyond to ensure their client is satisfied at the end of the day. BITAC (Business Interactive Trade Alliances and Conferences) is an event producer determined to take these in-person experiences to the next level. The privately-held company, which is based in Smithtown, NY, was established 24 years ago. BITAC holds a host of two-plus-day relationship-building events targeted a number of different industry segments. 

Most, if not all of their attendees, never go without giving exceptional reviews about the events. Lisa Sawyer, the president of Budget Host Inns, applauds how BITAC is the best industry event ever for its impeccable, well-structured, and well-paced conferences. She noted she was thrilled with the one-on-one meetings and the assigned seating and networking because she could meet many different people with whom she connected in ways beyond what she anticipated.

Kim Kushner, the director of supply at Best Western International, was also pleased to meet and interact with as many people as she did during the two-plus-day event she attended. She won’t forget how the assigned seating got her and her fellow attendees out of their comfort zones. She believes many business deals are built on relationships, and BITAC does this so effortlessly. Purchasers and decision-makers are encouraged to attend as many BITAC events as possible. The company does not conduct its events in a traditional way.

“BITAC is an expeditious environment that will allow you to accomplish more in 2+ days than you could in weeks’ worth of research outside this unique forum. Based on your product needs, you will be scheduled to meet with suppliers you may not have thought to visit at a typical trade show and learn about products you may not have known existed. Orchestrated like ‘speed meetings,’ these 15-minute uninterrupted sessions are focused on your needs and are just long enough to explore solutions and determine if future discussions will provide benefit,” BITAC’s marketing manager says ???? who is this????.

BITAC events are invitation-only based, making BITAC reputable for linking first-class procurement managers and suppliers while monitoring attendee numbers to capitalize on everyone’s throughput and inclusive experience.

By attending BITAC you will be able to learn that you do not have to feel drained walking the trade show floor only to get a hard sales pitch from your representatives. Instead, you will learn different concepts to help develop your business’ performance and build partnerships between organizations.

The interactive expert panels allow you to share your experiences and gain understanding from other industry experts on current market problems.

“Be part of the impressive list of movers and shakers from the industry to share career and personal accomplishments, goals, and projections of our industry’s direction while taking away cutting-edge information,” shares a client after successfully attending one of BITAC’S two-plus-day events.

BITAC Events have so much more to offer than what hospitality industry proprietors can expect! Feel free to visit their website https://www.bitac.net/Event/Calendar for more resources. 


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