Watch Out Daily Fantasy Sports World, Here Comes Pick Perfect

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A new app has burst onto the scene, and it’s taking the sports industry by storm. Pick Perfect is the accelerated version of the traditional fantasy sports that has become increasingly popular among sports fanatics. Pick Perfect has an edge over traditional Daily Fantasy Sports due to its short-term period, which can range from a day to a week. Pick Perfect is set to become the future of fantasy sports with its winning game plan.

Pick Perfect was launched on the 1st of September, 2021. They are now legal in 26 states, and the list is only growing with every passing week. Every sports lover or prize pool enthusiast aged 18 or above with some basic knowledge in sports can take this opportunity to win the big multi-million dollar prize pool. In fact, the prize pool for Pick Perfect is potentially unparalleled in the history of Daily Fantasy Sports.

Every entry will cost $20 with the ability for users to enter up to 500,000 entries. This makes the app open to everyone from the 26 states to stand a chance to win the life-changing prize each week. Pick Perfect is unique in its approach because it allows the user to have the odds in their favor. For instance, if the users fail to win the pool, then the pot on Pick Perfect rolls over to the next week’s contest creating larger and larger winners.

The contest on the Pick Perfect app comprises a set of 10 simple questions on sports. Each question comes with six multiple choice answers to choose from. A sports lover or anyone with an average knowledge of sports can answer the question in minutes. The following sentence should read: Anyone who picks all 10 questions perfectly takes away the big prize pool that week, with a smaller amount going to anyone who achieves 9/10 correct picks. This is a weekly contest, so all users must submit their entries by Sunday at 11 AM ET.

Pick Perfect is founded by sports gambling expert Mike Borukhov, who is also the current CEO of this Daily Fantasy Sports app. He and a couple of his friends, Bryan Price (CFO) and Bradley McBride (Chief Brand Officer), have brainstormed this game plan that will disrupt the industry in the coming years. It all started after Mike Borukhov was crushed in a parlay bet by just one pick. It was then he realized the gap in the industry where people can have the odds in their favor as well as that the DFS world needed something innovative and never been seen before. Pick Perfect perfectly fits into this space.

Currently, Pick Perfect is concentrated on the NFL but will expand to golf, tennis, UFC, NHL and NBA in the near future. Going forward, the app will cover all major sporting events across the world as well as include further features for it’s clients including sportsbook, analytics, educational courses, and more. Besides the crazy prize pool and the innovative contest, Pick Perfect is different from other apps in the market. Pick Perfect donates a percentage of the pool money to its own charity, Field of Dreams, which provides top-sports facilities to under-privileged youth to promote personal growth and create positive change in the community. Pick Perfect is also partnering with the fans to give back to the charities of their choice.

Going by its innovative approach in Daily Fantasy Sports and its charitable initiatives, Pick Perfect is definitely the most futuristic app in the industry so far.   

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