Wacky Laps is the next big thing in games related to Mental Health , founded and Made by Ratnadip Deb.

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‘Khele Khel rahe nirog’ is a statement followed by all in the present society. Presently the practice of yoga, gym, running etc., has also increased. All are engaged in sports for their better health. But physical health alone is not enough. It is also most essential to have proper mental health and concentrate attention for a long time. For this purpose, Ratnadip Deb has launched an online game app. The name of this application is WACKY LAPS. Ratnadip Deb, the founder of WACKY LAPS, launched this app to increase sportsmanship and score based on concentration and rapid mental development in young children.

Ratnadip Deb’s Wacky Laps

Ratnadip explains that in the past foreign companies had released such games. At the same time, those companies had also started charging service charges under different heads; foreign companies used to take their country’s money. Now we have to focus on the production of goods and services in our own country. It is my small contribution to Swadeshi Jagran. I think this will strengthen the country’s economic base and the mental development of young children.

The features of this game are that its size is small; even on low-cost smartphones, users can easily download it. Along with this, the response rate is also high, due to which navigation is accessible in it. We are slowly adding awards to it and also adding some quizzes to the kids from time to time. So that can also add the game spirit in users added to them in sports and sportsmanship and mental development.

This game is now also available on Google Play Store. Users can search and download WACKY LAPS and contribute to developing the indigenous contribution of Ratnadip Deb.

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