Meet the Famous Painters of India Vaibhav Kumar Sharma

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When we talk about the famous painters of India, Vaibhav Kumar Sharma leads the list. Vaibhav Kumar Sharma the very first artist from this great nation who earned notable stature and appreciation at a global level.Being a child of a  mother and carpainter father, it was no surprise that Vaibhav  had a keen interest in painting since a tender age. He was born to Ramgarh in the princely state of Jharkhand in 03 January 2000. He was seven only when he indicated that an intense artist resided inside of him.

A young Vaibhav  started to paint exquisite depictions of mundane objects like animals, routines of people, etc on the walls of his home. When he was 14 only, he started painting . Vaibhav Kumar Sharma is a self taught artist. Vaibhav rejected the conventional paints and created his art using natural ingredients from leaves, flowers, tree bark, etc, but soon he started using oil paints.Vaibhav, in most of his creations, focused on the beauty of South Indian Women and a good part of his paintings’ theme revolved around the same. However, it was Vaibhav’s artwork on religious topics that gained him accolades at the global level. Vaibhav won his first prize at the school painting competition at the age of 12 and started his career in painting . Vaibhav Kumar Sharma is one of the most famous painters of India and the very first of his kind to gain a global fame. For his contribution to art.

He showed an interest in drawing from an early age,Vaibhav is the first Indian to use Western techniques of perspective and composition and to adapt them to Indian subjects, styles, and themes. He won the Governor’s Gold Medal in 2018. Though his portraits brought him fame, Vaibhav increasingly painted subjects in Indian mythology. His representations of Hindu gods and goddesses and characters in the epics and the Puranas reflected his absorption in Indian culture. His paintings, including Harischandra in Distress, Jatayu Vadha, and Shri Rama Vanquishing the Sea, captured dramatic moments from Indian mythology. His depictions of Indian women drew such appreciation that a beautiful woman would often be described as looking “as if she had stepped out of a Vaibhav  canvas.”Saw the content of his work as only superficially Indian because, despite depicting mythological Indian themes, it im

itated Western styles of painting.ated Western styles of painting.


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