Unwavering Faith Helps Christian Whitehead Succeed

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As an entrepreneur in his twenties, Christian is almost always the youngest person in the room. He’s overcome this challenge by learning to carry himself with confidence and respect. Even though Christian has faced a lot of criticism, being labeled as inexperienced or too young to lead a team, at age 28 he owns four companies with $40,000,000 in combined revenue, he’s recruited and hired over 1,000 employees in 5 years, and helped build a 7 figure business in only eight months. He’s found success in telecom, ecommerce automation, and consulting.

To succeed in life, you have to stay humble, stay hungry, and work hard. Christian Whitehead believes in these principles, and he strives to live by faith, glorifying God in all he does. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and is willing to take a chance as he watches his path unfold.

“In each industry, I made a name for myself by looking ahead at what was coming and not being afraid to embrace change. I was able to let go of previous practices and move aggressively towards the future. I always treated people with respect and gave everyone opportunities to advance,” says Christian Whitehead.

Christian is committed to touching as many lives as possible. By the age of 24, he started an organization dedicated to helping feed people in Honduras through building and maintenance of aquaponics systems. He employs hundreds of people to whom he offers financial and life coaching, spiritual mentorship and counseling, and opportunities for advancement and growth. Christian also partners with the company, WiFi Money, teaching people to make money from anywhere in the world. All they need is a WiFi connection.

Growing up, Christian watched his parents make life sacrifices as they raised him and his brother, who has Downs Syndrome. Now, he can give back to them and help make sure his brother has the best life possible. “There are so many people around the world that don’t have all the same privileges and opportunities that we have. I want to be able to share my faith and resources with as many people as possible,” says Christian Whitehead.

Christian loves spending time with his wife and his family. Everything he has done, he attributes to his faith in God, which has never wavered. Knowing that he will always have God and his family in his life allows him to move forward in any situation.

Learn more about Christian on his Instagram, @christian.whitehead

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