Ultimate Trolls, The Meme Page That Never Fails To Amaze By Anusheel Chowdry

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Memes always manages to spread smiles and change lives in over a second with their quick witted and funny perspectives about various events in life. It was years ago when entrepreneur and meme enthusiast, Anusheel Chowdry began exploring the creative realm of memes and the ideas correlated to it. This eventually led to the beginning of a thought about showcasing artistic and imaginative talents that created his first meme page , Ultimate trolls.

As years went by, the page grew with constant support from the viewers and as of now holds immense brand collaborations and social media presence with 7,00,000 followers. Along with his meme interests, Anusheel has been very keen towards starting and growing his business alongside by promoting the marketing skills through his meme page.

Anusheel completed his schooling in DAV Boys Senior Secondary School, Chennai and as part of his ingenious talent that showed up in his early teenage years, he was made cultural secretary there. The innovative thoughts that striked hismind during his teenage years lead him to becoming one of the best memers in instagram.

Through Ultimate trolls, he was able to bring up and nurture many talented artists from all over India. Vine creators like Ashish Chanchalani and Harsh Beniwal gained recognition and support through the memes and feature on the page, which later paved the way for better acceptance for them among the audience. The promotion of young talents are always encouraged by Anusheel through his meme page.

Although with immense support from his family regarding the managing of the meme page and gaining revenue from it, many of his relatives and friends looked down upon him when he first began handling his page. “My father had always been the greatest support system in my life. Even when many of my closely related people dropped their faith on me, it was him who encouraged me to do alk the right way by doing something I love. Now, I do what I love and is satisfied with my productivity”, says Anusheel.

His entrepreneur skills has not just showed up clearly through his meme pages, but has helped grow his father’s business with the sale that happens both offline and online. It has now almost 300 resellers selling his products online all over India. With his eye on growing his meme page and putting his entrepreneur skills to work for both himself and his family, he is in for a long ride with a bright future to look forward.


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