Top influential people to watch out in 2021

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We have formulated this article to present the top  influential people to watch in 2021. From savvy businessmen to social media wizards, these people have earned their titles through hard work combined with their visceral personalities. 

From launching into an online world of social presence to a year of surviving a global pandemic, numerous online businesses have launched, and the people behind these success stories are listed below.

Social media is an essential tool for marketing, and the people in this article have harnessed its power; but they are also helping others do the same through thousands of online business programs, bestselling books and hours of podcast insight. Younger generations are more devoted than ever to fill the shoes of these influencer’s, as they pass their knowledge on and insight to people on a mass scale. These people bring a new meaning to the definition of influencer, they inspire and guide, and lead in their own ways to make the world a better place.

Take a look into the most successful people  and the impact they have had on the world.

Charlie Walk 

 Charlie Walk, Founder and CEO of Music Mastery, is one of the music industry’s        most successful executives. During his career Mr. Walk has helped develop many of most celebrated artists in the world. His expert direction and guidance have led to chart-topping results for a wide range of musicians including Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Drake, Post Malone, Jennifer Lopez, John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Shaun Mendes, Nikki Minaj, Hailee Steinfeld, Nipsey Hustle, Demi Lovato, Destiny’s Child, The Jonas Brothers and many mote. 

Mr. Walk served as the President of Epic Records, Columbia Records and Republic Records. He also has led the promotion and marketing campaigns of more than 400 number one songs on the Top Forty charts, and over 50 Billboard Hot 100 #1’s. He has also been honored multiple times for selection on Billboard’s Power 100 list.  

Yassine Medaghri Alaoui

You can say getting into the world of entrepreneurship for was both destiny and my hard work. Well, I came from a comfortable family with my parents doing great for themselves. However, doing something of my own was something that attracted me the most and with that I also wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. So here I am today, standing tall as a young serial entrepreneur working in several niches like real estate, automobile, academic development, healthcare, tourism, luxury concierge services, management of residential and commercial rent. I wish to explore many other fields in the coming years and become a change-maker.

  Zakiat, Oussama Ilyas.

Venturing into the financial markets and industries was something I always wanted to do. My passion and relentless drive to make it huge in the same has what helped me get into it. I was born on October 13, 1996 and have done MSC in Investment Management at HKUST, BBA in Market Finance at HEC, CAIA Charter holder, and am a Current Part-Time PhD Student in Financial Engineering. With Napolix Limited, we offer research and business consulting services to institutional clients mainly in emerging markets, such as government entities and NGOs. With the onset of 2021, we decided to expand our expertise to asset management and venture capital. Right now, our goal is to manage US $100 million by 2025 with our expertise in quantitative Long/short equity, systematic arbitrage and crypto trading strategies.

 Johnny Marines

I have always been fascinated by the world of business and aspired to be a part of the same from the very beginning, where I wanted to slip into my father’s shoes, who owned a social club. Today, I am a serial entrepreneur and feel absolutely passionate and in love with what I do across niches like restaurants, nightlife, real estate and the tech industry. I have been able to transcend my career from being a music executive to becoming the entrepreneur I am today with new business ventures at hand. Barcode is the nightlife brand that I own, which is seen as the biggest nightclub in the Tri-State area. For 2021, my biggest goal is also to complete my multi-million expansion project at Barcode. Apart from being a huge contributor in the nightlife industry, I have now found a great opportunity to work as a Strategic partner at PSG, Pro Sports Gaming, a video gaming company. I also serve as the Advisory Board Member on a New music platform called Trubify. This is my way to dip my hands in the music industry to revolutionise the music world by providing a much-needed platform where aspiring and successful artists get the right opportunities to exhibit their true talents, gaining great streaming revenue. With all this, I feel there’s still a long way to go as I feel I have just begun

Paul Getter.

Getting to the top of the digital industry and helping people do the same is what I strive for each day. My passion coupled with my perseverance and hard work have helped me start my firm ‘The Internet Marketing Nerd’, which is a full-suite internet marketing company driven to scale people and brands, optimizing robust digital strategies, advertising, and social media platforms. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top entrepreneurs online, A-List celebrities, professional athletes, Fortune 500 companies and more. I find myself fortunate to have been behind the success of major personal brand, which is why people also call me “The guy behind the guys”.


From humble beginnings to making my career in the vast e-commerce space, life has been a roller-coaster ride, but all worth it, at the end of the day. I was a college dropout and began with a 9-5 job structure in the MLM niche. However, finding an inspiration in a guy who earned great running successful dropshipping stores made me realize what I wanted to explore. In two years, I have not only jumped into e-commerce, but fortunate and glad that I could create, scale and sell brands. This is how I wish to continue and keep helping people achieve their success through e-commerce.

Jonathan Castell

Growth2Success is a social media marketing agency created to help develop the audiences and networks of entrepreneurs, influencers, and other businesses to support their endeavors with the sales, branding, and audience engagement of their organization. We specialize in Instagram lead generation, Social Media Growth, and Press Releases for all types of demographics.

Our goal is to alleviate individuals from the stress of social media management and provide a hands-free, high quality service that increases our clients results while allowing them to focus on their own content creation.

Sara Alavi

Sara Alavi is a commercial model, actress, singer/songwriter and humanitarian. Sara has appeared in TV commercials, films, billboards, and print ads across the globe. She has been featured in advertisements for Fortune 500 brands such as Samsung, Exxon Mobil and Mercedes-Benz. Sara has also performed in front of President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush in Neil Berg’s 100 Years of Broadway at Jones Hall.

Ms. Alavi graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Public Affairs, with a focus on the International Affairs sector. She is a volunteer with UNICEF and has been for over a decade. Sara also advocates for children, women’s rights and refugees, as well as an Ambassador for Peace Worldwide Organization since 2011.

Matthew C. Nickerson

“Matthew C. Nickerson first found international fame and success with the launch of his patented all natural sports nutrition ingredient VASO6 back in 2017. Since then Matthew (@clearymateo) & his business partner Mike Sperduti (Sperdutimichael) have been very busy in their labs, substantiating their ingredient with peer reviewed & published human performance data. This power Team will be launching their latest performance ingredient Cardia6 in early May 2021. The experiential health benefits & applications of Cardia6 are truly limitless & we couldn’t be more excited about it’s global launch.”


Dimplez is a self-proclaimed Digital Architect, and one of the industry’s most sought-after Digital Marketers. As founder of boutique agency, IJEOMA. Dimplez helms a multidisciplinary firm with specialties in digital marketing and management. She has spent over a decade building a career strategizing digital campaigns for artists, agencies, and record labels while creating unique opportunities in the social and experiential space, growing and developing respective brands and audiences.  The music industry expert’s client roster includes Usher, Tyrese, DJ Premier, Good Girl, Wiz Kid, and Flo Milli, to name a few. The digital marketing maven and social activist often highlights the need for artist’s to have representation by people who look like them, as it is commonly uncommon. This disparity is what inspired Dimplez to start her own company, so she could be the change that she wanted.

Vassilios Bitsas

21-year-old from Medina, NY, Vassilios Bitsas is a Social Media and Brand Manager for today’s most influential Celebrities, Sports Athletes and Influencers. Bitsas focuses how he himself can take his clients to the next level. Bitsas aims to making their content unique and requitable to their fans.  Bitsas, notably, working with Jake Paul to secure his undercard fight (Mike Tyson v/s Roy Joys Jr.).


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