The World of Music: Finding Escape through Hip Hop – Sabor Latino

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There are numerous genres of music worldwide, with some having a niche following while others garner a massive fan following. There are many reasons people listen to music; apart from being melody to the ears, music acts as a medicine to calm the mind, creating a world where an individual can escape to. This is precisely what singer Sabor Latino aims to explore, creating music inspired by struggles to motivate struggling people.

Artists all over the world create music for their fans. Most fans love the artists because of their melody, lyrics, and beats, whereas only a few can comprehend the inspiration behind the songs. Many artists around the world are either struggling or have had to see fierce struggles before reaching where they are now, and that translates into their music.

These struggles can start from as early as someone’s childhood for many reasons. The most common reasons include:

· Financial difficulties.

· Separation of parents.

· Death of a loved one.

· Abusive parents/guardians.

· Disability of any sort.

· Being homeless.

· Dysfunctional family dynamics.

· Being bullied or facing harassment.

· Discrimination.

Even though these situations or circumstances can be extremely disturbing, they eventually become an inspiration for many artists to translate difficult times into their music. In that capacity, Latino has created music focused on helping people in their day-to-day lives.

Fostering Youth

Many children all around the world from all walks of life are learning how to climb the ladder of life, especially at foster homes. These foster homes have a lot of volunteers that help children grow up to become leaders. For this, it is very important to have volunteers that are friendly, educated, and professional at the same time. The overall development of these children depends on the skills of the volunteers. Latino had worked in different foster homes, especially one in South Jamaica, Queens. Working as a social worker, the artist was influenced by the daily struggles of children and other workers alike, which eventually influenced him to create his own music. The first album Observaciones de Mi Vida, Vol. 1, was released in 2013, and the artist has not looked back since.

Most of Latino’s songs are created with the sense to inspire parents, children, and adolescents. The main motivation behind his music is to encourage anyone who is struggling and show them the light they need to see through his music.

Not all artists create music to orchestrate the effect of happiness. Many create music just because they want to; they like to play with different instruments. It is difficult to create music that allows others to relate with because each individual has their own taste. Artists like Latino want to create music that can enable everyone, especially the youth and struggling individuals, to overcome their fears and emotions and make their life better.

The Magic of Music

Although most people listen to music because they enjoy listening to it, music has different psychological effects as well. With sudden lows, high frequencies, and steep beat drops, music can push the mind to create a

feeling of euphoria. The melodic effect of music coupled with emotional and intense lyrics push the brain to release positive hormones throughout the body, which help in uplifting the mood and enabling the listener to feel content with themselves. This is the motivation most singers/artists have while making music. 

Latino’s music has helped a lot of individuals fight the daily struggles of their life and develop the urgency to be better. This allows them to believe in themselves and tap into their hidden potential. It is important to understand that to create inspiring music, everything must be aligned

from the start. Every element of the music needs to be on point; every beat, every tune, and every word of the lyric must accommodate each other to create the perfect symphony. If even a single element is out of place, it will disturb the entire flow of music. Therefore, music is created on a trial-and-error basis, with improvement in each step.

The Future

Different styles of music are created daily, mixing different melodies together to create the perfect fit. There is an increased inclination towards music, and because of that, artists are coming up with music that can enlighten more people to create something better for themselves. Latino has been creating different styles to positively influence a wide range of people, especially Latinos. There are numerous talented Latinos out there that are trying their best to get into the music scene

yet lack the platform and the motivation to do so. Sabor has been trying his best to enable these young artists to get the push they need to get onto the main stage. The artist collaborates with a lot of local talent to encourage them to achieve their life goals. This also enables them to understand their potential; what they can and cannot do.

There are a lot of ways to improve the music. The best way to do that is through the practical implementation of techniques. The more you experiment with music, it becomes likely for you to create melodies that are soothing to the ears and, at the same time, inspirational as well. This is

how artist Sabor makes his music which continues to inspire youth from all walks of life, especially Latinos. This helps create an overall ecosystem where everything accommodates each element of the industry and the society as a whole, which in return helps create a multiplier effect that supports the increase in intellectual capacity and tolerance.


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