“ The Spectacular Appearance of Aryan Jaura”

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A young boy, Aryan Jaura from Sangrur , Punjab made a bang appearance in Music Industry. He started his Career with the song “Highlight” with a leading star Shyrinn Anicka which released on 2nd Oct 21. Directed by Regan Dadu, the music video has an amazing lyrics given by Mani Balluana. The whole song relvolves around a cute bonding of two college mates. Though She is complaining and scolding her for not putting efforts to their bond But Their chemistry is on Top Notch. All over the song she wants him to meet her basic expectations of loving her more.
Highlighting her hair Highlights she is adding sweetness to the song. “Aida galni ni teri meri dal ve mundeya” , The Aryan Jaura represented the story so smooth via song. The song is banging over the music Industry.


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