Tendsweb Signs $150K Contract With California Based E Commerce Marketing Agency

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Tendsweb has signed a $150K  deal with California Based Ecommerce Agency, Under 1 year contract Tendsweb will be assisting with social media marketing and media buying for E-commerce brands based out of the United States. 

“This is a great opportunity for us as a company to be associated with one of the biggest Ecom agency in the United States. We as a team are grateful to be a part of this amazing venture,”  said Divyansh Tomar, Founder And CEO of Tendsweb.

With the online retail industry growing quickly, there are N numbers of online businesses that are looking for ways to expand their market shares, which is where Tendsweb is changing the field. Tendsweb is a turnkey digital marketing agency that specializes in online retail. Services from Tendsweb are designed to be very scalable with low overhead expenses and high margins. 

Right now, Tendsweb is proving to be a successful company in the industry; however, there is still plenty of room to get better. The professionals at Tendsweb are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the process, looking for ways to make the process better for customers. It will be exciting to see what happens next in this arena, and Tendsweb will lead the way.

About Tendsweb 

Tendsweb is a digital marketing company focusing on digital, interactive, creative promotion And designing based in India. We are a team of focused young minds performing at their peak to make a benchmark in their field of Expertise. In our team you will witness team work , dedication, punctuality , passion and constant hunger for being their best version.

Our mission is to help online entrepreneurs so they can build, grow, and scale their online business with the help of our experience in the digital ecosystem. 

To learn more about Tendsweb, visit www.tendsweb.com.

Media Contact

Name: Tendsweb

Email: contact@tendsweb.com

Website : www.tendsweb.com 


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