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Stretch Mark Removal by Dr. Simon Ourian: What Exactly is Coolbeam?

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What is Coolbeam treatment, and how could it help you? Find out how you can feel confident again with stretch mark removal procedures.

Ah, stretch marks. You’ve likely arrived at this article because you either have stretch marks or are worried about getting them. While stretch marks are a totally natural phenomenon that none of us are immune to, they can impact our self-confidence. It’s understandable to want to prevent them and maybe even treat the ones you have.

Dr. Simon Ourian is an experienced celebrity cosmetic dermatology practitioner. His client list includes stars like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Megan Fox. His practice, Epione Beverly Hills, has been featured on Good Day LA, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and The Doctors. He specializes in non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as laser stretch mark removal using their exclusive technology, the Coolbeam treatment

Read on to discover how you can feel confident again with your stretch marks gone.

What Are Stretch Marks & Why Do I Have Them?

You might be feeling self-conscious or down about your stretch marks, but don’t worry. They’re totally normal. 

WebMD describes stretch marks as “set-in streaks that show up on your stomach, breast, hips, butt, and thighs.” The long, rippled lines show up when your body grows quickly for any reason. Common reasons include puberty, weight gain, bodybuilding, and pregnancy. 

Stretch marks come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, purplish-blue, and white. They are not harmful to your health, but they can be noticeable and hard to ignore.

What Does the Coolbeam Treatment Do Then?

Epione Beverly Hills’ Coolbeam treatment is the latest advancement in laser stretch mark removal. Exclusive to Epione, Coolbeam uses a microscopic fractional laser to improve the appearance of your skin. 

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The fractional laser is different from non-laser treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels because the fractional laser targets deep layers of the skin, encouraging skin cell repair and collagen growth. This process cools the skin while simultaneously emitting a microscopic laser. 

In addition to stretch marks, Coolbeam can treat a wide array of skin issues, like scarring, birthmarks, discolorations, and possibly every cosmetic issue that you can think of.

What Can I Expect During & After My Stretch Mark Removal Treatment?

Choosing the Coolbeam treatment for your stretch marks is an effective, non-invasive choice. In fact, many have found the laser stretch mark removal technique to be successful. Best of all, it only requires a brief recovery period while still showcasing powerful results.

After your initial treatment, your body will begin its own natural reparative processes by sweeping away old, damaged tissue.

At the same time, your body will regenerate fresh collagen and elastin. Collagen swoops in to lighten and smooth out your stretch marks bit-by-bit, until they become almost invisible. Elastin supports a more toned, youthful-looking skin texture.

Most patients do not experience serious discomforts or side effects from the Coolbeam treatment. Some swelling or redness may appear immediately after the treatment session, though it does not last longer than a few days. In rare cases, patients may experience slight bruising or sensitivity, but this largely depends on how sensitive the treatment site is overall. 

To learn more about Dr. Simon Ourian, the Coolbeam treatment plus a full list of Epione Beverly Hills’ treatment offerings, please visit Alternatively, you may book a virtual consultation here.

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