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Steve ‘Capo’ Newland lays out a few essential skills one needs to become a marketing expert.

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Through his agency IMS Marketing, Steve ‘Capo’ Newland, known as the Bad Boy of Social media, has turned ordinary names into extraordinary success stories.

It is amazing to know that people and businesses are slowly and gradually learning the significance and power of social media platforms and the digital space as a whole. They know the influence that these platforms can create and get them nearer their goals in business. Today, social media platforms, more than any social mediums have become marketing mediums, believes leading entrepreneur, and marketing expert from Las Vegas, Steve ‘Capo’ Newland. This man has been behind the incredible success of all his clients from across different fields and industries.

There are many aspiring entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who wish to replicate the success of Steve ‘Capo’ Newland and become a prominent name in the ever-evolving industry of digital and social media world. Below are a few essential skills that the ace entrepreneur lays out for others to achieve the success they desire.

• Hone your communications skills: People often think they can easily crack a deal, but very few are good at communicating their ideas and visions clearly to earn those clients. Honing one’s communications skills is as important as also having the ability to understand how other people communicate, says Steve ‘Capo’ Newland. Great marketers can be very data-driven and can dissect communications and thought patterns of people very well. Good marketers know how to interpret human behaviour as well.

• Have patience: It is very easy to give up on a campaign thinking it won’t work out. If a person gives a few more weeks and also a few split tests, they never know they would get the success they dream about. Steve ‘Capo’ Newland says that running a campaign for a few days and not seeing the results faster have made many marketers quite impatient, where they easily get depressed and give up on the project. However, for becoming a skilled marketing expert, people need to become much more patient for a campaign to work out and show its results.

• Keep ideating and testing: Just because an idea seems great on paper, doesn’t really mean it will work out in reality. Conversely, if an idea seems to show no power can go ahead in making the campaign more than successful, points out Steve ‘Capo’ Newland, who suggests people to keep working on their ideas and testing them. After several split tests and constant working upon ideas will let them know what works and what doesn’t. This makes them more confident about their strategies and plans and encourages them to keep ideating and testing more.

Steve ‘Capo’ Newland in 2017 incepted IMS Marketing and with his partners, Pierre Balian and Kyle Treadwell have been working relentlessly to provide the results and success their clients need. They stand apart from others in the market for their personalized approach with their unique services in YouTube promotions, social media growth, press releases, media outlets, Spotify playlisting, Instagram and TikTok influencers, Instagram verification and so much more.

To gain more insights, do follow him on Instagram @ChillCapoLV and visit his website,

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