Sports Is More Than Just Physical Strength, It Also Requires Mental Well-Being

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An unconventional career, sports has often made the headlines on national dailies. While some get inspired and feel a chill down their spine, others wonder why sportspersons choose such a tough job. Athletics, swimming, brain games, and other sports are all that attract people from all age groups. Determination, commitment, and willpower accompany passion when it is about pursuing a sport. However, what really goes into the making of a sportsperson is a hidden affair. Most people think that playing sports is all about being physically fit. Yet it takes more than just physical strength for an individual to excel at sports and become a successful sportsperson. With all glorious stories where sportspersons devote their days in and days out in order to ace that move or that strike, it proves that they are more than physically strong. With all failures that are highlighted to inspire junior sportspersons and energize youngsters, it is more than physical fitness that is shown. What matters is that a sportsperson is built of anything but alone physical strength. It is one’s mental well-being, the determination to invest time and power into a purpose so as to build a career and achieve success.

For an individual who is merely fit and fine, sports is not enough to make him/her get going. It is the individual’s mental well-being and the ability to commit to a cause that triggers them to practice sports. For instance, Paralympics from the world around had once been declared as physically disabled. However, they didn’t give up and went on to become renowned sportspersons. What really inspired them was their interest to do it rather than their ability to do it. When an individual is declared as unable to achieve a purpose, s/he feels broken down. But, it is the inner strength and determination that keeps one going through tough and hard times. Sports is a great example for those who have been fighters. A tale of courage, compassion, and commitment, a sports success story is always a pleasure to lend our ears to. For those who are the protagonists of such stories, it is a known fact that they have to be more than just physically fit in order to excel and grow. For an athlete who has been through an accident, the thought of not being run again pushes him/her to recover fast.

Sports is all about uncertainty. Wins and losses are the part and parcel of this field and so is pain and gain”. Although sportspersons are entitled to be strong and mentally fit, they too face hardships that take a toll on their mental well-being. What this means is that a fighter fights through every one of his/ her battles and never gives up until his/ her last breath. Sportspersons are no less than fighters who have to keep their body and brain working side by side or else run out of time to become the best among the rest!


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