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Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Sobia A. Shaikh holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising. She now runs her own social media marketing business and authors the popular shaikhenandstirred.com blog.

From her social media profiles, one can figure out that she speaks her mind, and shares deeply personal information with her followers and never fakes it. She is a proud and confident lady to talk about her Botox, fillers, laser & cool tone treatments with her followers. In fact, when her followers actually DMs her for suggestions on all of the above, she always remains eager to share her opinions & suggestions with them. She believes that it’s imperative to engage with her followers and as a result of this belief she literally responds to each and every comment and dm that she receives on her Instagram.

Sobia Shaikh is based with a mindset that followers are investing their time in following her and taking an interest in her feed, among a sea of other influencers’ posts and feeds, which makes her owe them kindness, respect and honesty. She is also very open about the fact that she is a 51 years old confident lady. The fact that her husband is almost 3 years younger than her is nothing that she is afraid of.

As her list of collaborators has grown to almost 40, Shaikh has officially created one of the most successful anti-blogs we have ever seen. Working with Valentino’s American Diary Campaign, promoting the launch of Qatar Airways in San Francisco, introducing The Pink Pineapple for Del Monte and being one of the few influencers to introduce Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Mascara has been some recent highlights. She is a Net-A-Porter ambassador, who regularly attends Paris Fashion Week & thoroughly enjoy dressing up.

Efficiently utilising her time, throughout this time, Sobia has been actively involved with volunteering her time to fundraising for various non-profits. She always brings a unique perspective when she partners with brands, having had comprehensive careers in modelling, advertising & as an entrepreneur. Being an optimistic person, she aims to fulfil her further dreams:

1. She wants to continue what she is doing and continue learning how best to engage with her followers.

2. She also want to further improve the quality of her content. And definitely create more campaigns via videos/reels to highlight client products.

3. Down the road, she would love to write a book.

To know more about Sobia A Shaikh, follow her on:

Instagram: @sobiaashaikh 

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred

Website: www.shaikhenandstirred.com  

Twitter: sobia_a_shaikh


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